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Healthy Foods to Feed Your Dog

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  1. we have a Huge lab, he is on the raw food diet, its a complete turkey meal, he was on the chicken complete but chicken is higher in fat content than the turkey but as far as the eggs go, you can actually just give them an egg from the fridge – no need to crack it, just give it to them the shells dont hurt them. – if you have a high strung dog or reactive dog like we do, you can also look into cannabis oil – we have not tried it yet but i have heard rave reviews

  2. I thought the eggshells are a great idea. Normally dogs get calcium from bones and stuff, but my dog is a senior and he has no teeth for eating bones. I'm gonna try to add egg and eggshells to his diet to see if it works out for him. He's a picky eater and he's as thin as a stick. He wants something new everyday. -_-* So annoying

  3. No. No. That’s bad advice. There’s not a lot calcium in an egg shell you need a lot of them if you want that to cover the calcium. Also one egg per week is enough, and raw egg is better. Throw away the commercial food, it’s trash. Plums are toxic to dogs, also you put too much vegetables and fruits in it. In a rabbits stomach there would only be about a teaspoon of vegetables and fruits in there.

  4. youre a dumbass you dont mix kibble and raw food because theyre different pH levels, and this causes the food to stay in its stomach longer, which creates a larger risk for raw feeding in case it does have bacteria. because you dont want the bacteria to stay in there longer

  5. Just also know that calcium goes straight to joints and the bloodstream not to bones and teeth WITHOUT magnesium. Point to remember- calcium HARDENS, magnesium SOFTENS…Magnesium tells calcium where to go…so they need magnesium too (same for Humans).

  6. Sorry about idiot but dude your a human and humans cook food but dogs do not! Your ruining it for your dog when you cook it. Including cooked bones. Just cause you think humans cook food doesn’t mean your dog eats cooked food. They eat it raw

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