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Heavy Artillery: Inside America’s Machine Gun Theme Park

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  1. Will only be a matter of time before someone shoots up this place and kills most of the people inside! Fuck your right to bear arms! That right should have been taken away when slavery was abolished!

  2. This is awesome and one of the reasons why I love America. The freedom to be able to do this is incredible. I live in the UK (I'm originally from Germany) and the UK is terrible. Like living in a police state just with shit weather and food. The women are hideous but give head like crazy – mostly because they are so drunk. I would love to move to America though. And an exotic euro boy like me would get crazy yank pussy. I would even try out some of those black hoes. Gonna see if I can get a green card or some shit. Peace.

  3. There is nothing wrong with this and it's not a statement about how America is getting worse. It's an attraction. For tourists. Maybe some people like being able to say they've shot a machine gun. If you don't, then obviously you shouldn't care. Guns don't equal idiots.

  4. This place is amazing the range officer dan was very cool and very informative the entire staff was friendly made us feel like if we had known eachother for awhile the experience was amazing having not ever fired such weapons especially at full auto was a great experience over all and one of the attractions my family and i will be visiting again when we go back for sure i recommend this place to everyone go enjoy and have lots of fun

  5. This is awesome.The rib and I went to Disney for our honeymoon. This might be worth a second honeymoon.

    Not to crazy though. Lots of places rent machine guns. Now running through a shoot house with NV would be pretty sweet

  6. if shit like this continues to happen, society would go straight back to the old western days where everyone had a gun and killing ppl was a norm, outlaws, bounty-hunters, gun-slingers sounds cool but its not

  7. crazy america. so many incident happened. all involved teen with guns. goverment dont do anything to stop to allow guns to normal people. look UK. they have pretty defence alert from ISIS and Alquida. UK cops even dont carry any guns. they really consider about public safety. if your growing up whepon culture. people prefer to gun when they get depression or stress. if you remember UK Hungerford massacre in 1987. Killer used machine gun that day. what the government did after that. they banned machine gun for civilians and allow some guns( only people who illegible to have guns) which really less powerful  than cops have. bt what we see in america. gun shops, shooting range, so and so. its crazy specially America have so many different of ethnics and gangs. im pretty much sure they never stop guns. 

  8. America is the craziest one and only country who allow citizens to have guns. ' when you fire your whepon, you could die by another whepon' growing with whepon culture would not give good outcome. We have seen many times in American history. If they have freedom to live why they get gun to protect their safety. 

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