Homemade CNC machine with materials from a DIY, built with simple tools

Table Of Content: 00:05 Introduction 00:57 Cutting iron bars 01:33 Mounting the ball bearings 02:49 Drill holes on the edge of a square tube 03:36 Cutting 6mm threads 05:12 Assembly of the…


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Homemade CNC machine with materials from a DIY, built with simple tools

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  1. An excellent and interesting video, thank you for posting. One little "nit-pick" is when tapping holes. You should always start with the TAPER tap. This is tapered to make it easier to start. Then on to the intermediate, if needed, followed by the BOTTOMING tap last. This is so called as it allows you to tap to the bottom of a blind hole. Still a great video!

  2. ah come on!! this is awesome what you have done 😀 first and most important – Thank you Very Much! this is with so high precision that is stunning and it's just what i need but with cutting laser… Nice Touch with Laptop Tatoo hahaaha Thumb UP

  3. Excuseme, software for windows, for this proyect, i don't have ubuntu or sme video with more information about the software please, i want to make a similar machine, thanks master, your tecnique its more exact.

  4. The idea apparently is to use products that can be recycled, in addition to a low cost.Works in any place where the economic resources and provision of specialist machines are scarce. Well, the merit is the knowledge of how to do it. It is an excellent video.

  5. I probably watched this video 3 times a week while I was building mine, and although my machine looks nothing like yours, you definitely gave me some good ideas that I incorporated. I can happily say that mine is fully functional, and you are a part of that, good sir. Thank you!

  6. Hello , Im student of mehatronics in University of Applied Sciences Zagreb . I’ve started a cnc projects while I was still in high school . Now I’ve started up campaign on Indiegogo . Projects is destkop CNC made from plexiglass . It would mean a lot to me if you could even just take a look at it and tell me your thoughts about it , any free advice helps . Thank you for you time and attention . 🙂 https://igg.me/at/plexiglasscnc

  7. It's too bad all you "perfect" humans can't see the intellect behind the development of this CNC device. A good example is a scientist in the US with a Southern accent who has a hard time getting a job just because they speak differently than an MIT (or elsewhere) scientist/engineer. Well done, HomoFaciens !

  8. I just HAD TO leave a comment here. Loved this video. Proof that one can do amazing things with inexpensive materials.
    At fist I was like "WTF is this?", but i just grabbed some imaginary popcorn and watched through and it's just amazing :))))
    Hat off to you sir!

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