How Did India Get So Obsessed With Thinness?

We’re constantly being told that we should be thinner by movies, magazines, Instagram, and our beloved families – who somehow managed to turn “healthy” …


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How Did India Get So Obsessed With Thinness?

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  1. That Sonam Kapoor article is worth your time. I'd read it before and it's a beautiful glimpse into the lives of female actresses. We understand the standards they are made to maintain and it's really helpful.

  2. You idiots being fat is unhealthy. Being overweight increases your chances of high bp, diabetes type 2 which will lead to kidney , heart failures. So being fat is not cool.

  3. I went to a skin care doctor to due some skin reactions on my hand…n first thing she told was " reduce ur weight , try dieting,eat only 2 chapatis n don't take many meals ".Then she gave me some bullshit medicine which gave me painful side effects …. I still dunno how my weight affects my skin dieasies ….after that I went for a recheck up due to the side effects of her fucking medicines n she looked at me n said " I told u to reduce weight ..u r still the same." ( I would become zero size in a matter of 10 days )😤.hate such ppl n their mindset…..fat ppl should sit on them n suffocate them to death.i m around 65 kgs .5'6 …I m not even close to over size 😑!!

  4. When I was a teen.. I was told I would look nice if I put on a little weight, when I did, I was told I would look nice if I lost a little weight. Sometimes I feel people are just trolling. And the best reaction to trolls is to pay them no attention.

  5. I'm not indian but I watch hindi movies and shows everyday and my ideal beauty standard are those actresses like Priyanka, Deepika, Katrina ect. And though I was never fat in my life and since I'm mixed (white mother, middle eastern father) I probably look a lot closer to those actresses than most indian women, I still have never felt good about myself. There isn't a time in my life where I didn't hate something and the media really is to blame for that. When I watch hindi movies from the 70s/80s their bodies and even faces look so much more real. Softer stomachs and wider hips and their skin isn't so extremly fair (I'm very pale so that isn't a problem for me but I know it's for a brown women) and I also think their noses are bigger wich is normal for most middle eastern people. They were still really beautiful but when I look at them I feel like maybe I can be pretty too because that's not so far from what I look like. But when someone complains about the media people always make it seem like this is only a problem for obese women when in fact almost every girl no matter her size feels bad. I'm pretty sure I would be considered "pretty" but in comparison to those actresses and models it is never enough. So seeing these women on magazine covers and on TV your entire life will make you feel bad about yourself no matter what. The women 30, 40 years ago where fine why do we have to go thinner and thinner? That's just not realistic unless you eat a 100% clean everyday and work out like a athlete everyday

  6. Ha ha… this is one side of story.. why are u nt considering diseases that u get due to excess fat… coz that is quite dangerous too.. and smhow u r sounding as if being thin is a crime… …

  7. This has been a well-thought out and well-researched piece which has moved me to finally subscribe to this channel although I have been an on and off viewer (I did not want to be flooded with videos of Shayan eating phuchkas)
    This was a job well done and I commend everyone involved in the project on it.
    As a fat girl who is at the same time fabulous as all hell, I offer you my respect and support 🙂

  8. hold on at 3:00
    Have you ever looked at a renaissance/baroque art picture? Most of the woman are on the bigger side, and look very natural. In some other buzzed videos / fat/body positive stuff, this time period is praised for that representation.
    I don't get it

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