How I Became A Video Producer At Buzzfeed

A lot of people always ask me how they can get into BuzzFeed Video–and I always say–start in the kitchen. 🙂 Instagram: @thecurlyvshow Facebook: Twitter: @curlyvee.


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How I Became A Video Producer At Buzzfeed

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  1. you guys THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for your words! you guys INSPIRE ME! im blown away at how much you guys push for your dreams and it inspires me to keep going for mine. thank you, truly, for being here with me. love you all. x

  2. Really loved ur words of advice Curly! I actually jus got started on a little milestone for myself & career (low key I'm really nervous) but I'm gonna try to have fun with it. Besitos 🤗😘

  3. This makes me so happyyyy! You are seriously my favorite from buzzfeed! I remember one night a long time ago I came across the old videos you'd make with your grandma and stuff and it was the best thing ever but I can't find them anymore ): i'm hoping I get to see her on this channel and just really anything you'll do will be awesome! <3

  4. I really want to be a singer/actress and go to broadway possibly (not very realistic but whatever lmao) and if that doesn't work out then I want to be either a history teacher or a profiler 😂😅

  5. My dream is to be a editorial writer and start my own makeup brand! I would love to create products for woc because there's so little out there that works and is affordable. I just want to make my parents proud and make their sacrifices to immigrate here worth while. The struggle 😢 but won't He do it! Jesus and Morenita mia come through! Lol

  6. I love your show so much! Thank you for being such a positive influence in our Latin Community. I love your vids with your grama shes the best! Much love and respect from San Bernardino Ca. ❤❤❤

  7. FINALLY!! You’ve needed a YouTube channel since day one! My sister and I talk about you as if you’re one of our cousins LOL I have always loved your vibe. Can’t wait to see what else you bring to your channel! ✌🏼❤️😁

  8. Awww curly!!!! Thanks you for sharing your story and your beautiful words. I am in a weird spot in life where I left a job to do bar tending to go back to school and sometimes I get super discouraged. But hearing you tell you story makes me incredibly happy!
    Thank you

  9. My dream was similar Curly.. I’ve worked my ass off, coincidentally enough, in work places where I’m not noticed. Oddly enough, I’ve been a Receptionist for the most part, that position in any company is a great position to put your foot in the door to something potentially amazing. My vision is for someone to lay eyes on me (I know that sounds like a whole lot of ego) but I mean it! All I need is one pair of eyes, one person who sees my potential, my thrive, my energy, my everything. I’m a Salvadoreña Americana with white pasty skin, brown hair, and blue eyes, not only looking to make a difference within the world around me, but for the future world that I might not be around for. Hearing stories like yours gives me hope and further pushes me to never give up, not even if things aren’t happening right this second. You are quite the inspiration and even tho I don’t follow anyone on IG, I religiously genuinely follow you. You are the best! Keep On Keepin’ On💙

  10. Inspiring ❤ I work a service job too but my dream is to paint murals my main goal is to one day be able to paint a mural in El Salvador. Thank you for the empowering words and for sharing your story 🍍

  11. Curly me inspiras!! My husband and I have a House cleaning business. Our dream was to buy our own house tho many people told us it was imposible because we live in California and houses here are crazy expensive because we are only 27&32years young,because my husband only has a work permit and not a green card etc etc and here we are 3 years later we got our house we have been working really hard for. Dreams come true!

  12. It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish. My parents immigrated from
    El Salvador and have come a long way from where they began in the United States. Much continued success to you! I can always count on you and the PERO LIKE crew to make me laugh on the daily.

  13. So proud of you Curly!…❤️ Your work experience their at Buzzfeeds is very inspiring. I’m a Preschool Teacher I love all my little students & enjoy working with my coworkers. It can get overwhelming at times, but I turn it around into a positive motivation why I choose in doing what I love😎👍🏼♥️ My mentality is always “SI SE PUEDE” y “A MOVER LA COLITA” meaning I’m working hard & loosing calories while I’m working with all my little ones😄👍🏼 It’s not a sitting job all the time believe me👏🏽😂

  14. I love you’re personality Curly and your attitude to get closer to your dreams. It is true that people do dehumanize others due to have a higher position than someone else, I’ve experienced it and I just did me. I love your tip to work hard until you get noticed! As a Mexican American woman I aspire to become an a lawyer and specialize on immigration, I know this career will be so demanding and I really have to devote myself. Do you have any advice so I won’t give up? Thank you!

  15. And my dream right now is to get into the physical therapy assistant program that I am applying to this month. I just want to be happy and learn and grow in a field that I know can help others. I want to be able to own my own home, have a few dogs and finally purchase my first car. And I want to of course, travel. I want to be able to not shun away from friends, acquaintances or future friends in my insecurity of my current path.

  16. My dream is to be a nurse or a school teacher now. I’ve always been interested in the medical field and I just love helping people in any way I can. But ever since I started working with my babies(kindergarteners) being a teacher feels like a nice fit and it brings me so much joy.

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