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How Real Healthy People Got Started

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  1. I'm 15, I've lost nearly 100+ lbs in the past year, I still eat white rice, bread, pasta, heck, yesterday I ate spaghetti with butter in it! It's all about finding balance. But I do eat veggies & fruits, not so much packaged stuff, haven't had chips in a year, etc & I only drink water. But I do eat granola bars & indulge in "unhealthy" dishes from my culture.

  2. I started at Orangetheory Fitness and they tell me what to do its a full body workout and it accommodates everyone! The staff is so great and motivational, I'm down almost 50lbs and I will tell everyone find an Orangetheory near you and try a free 1 hour class you won't regret it!

  3. But I don't eat unhealthy (no cakes, cookies, soda, white rice, ramen, white bread) and I work out when I can (and I swim competitively) since I'm still a teen, so why am I gaining like, 2 pounds per week when I'm not getting taller?

  4. i used to be skinny and i was born with a arm deffect making my left arm bigger than my right i was made fun of and messed with because of my height now im buff im not as tall as my freinds but i can now say that im stronger than them and that i can fight back to those who want to pick on me for all the people reading this comment never give up unless its literally impossible but overall try your best and be the best you can

  5. one of the people mentioned depression. It's true that when the depression is winning you can't even get out of bed. It makes fitness harder. I lost a ton of weight totally on my own but the worse the depression get and the more isolated I am the more likely I am to put some of it back on. I became vegetarian near the start of my fitness journey. That didn't automatically make me model thin. It did help stabilize weight and energy when it as just a few bad days here or there. I think if I wasn't so alone I'd be able to get back on track easily.

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