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How To Do Politics

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  1. As someone who doesn’t use Facebook, I’m curious: Where is the worst for angry and unproductive politics? My guess is Facebook, but I also see a lot on Twitter, and I wonder if the character limit helps or hurts in this respect.

  2. Yeah well there should be a configuration of local level, national level and international level politics with these cell phones. Some cool gadget to make it easy and efficient. To make it smooth. Oh and some internal capabilites for people to listen to themselves also. So many layers of info to be made handling easy. Hmmmmm.

  3. The only issue I’m concerned with is the promotion of worker cooperatives, capitalism has failed and the Marxian business model is the best chance we have to end this capitalist argument that liberals and conservatives have. The left hates liberals and so do conservatives, this is how I get many people on my side. I’ve gotten many trump voters to read Karl Marx’s 3 volumes of Capital and Richard Wolff’s Democracy At Work

  4. Changing "Keys" is key. The "systems", or system of beliefs are the methodologies and ideologies that we use to make decisions. If you are arguing with someone from the same ideological background, or using a shared methodology, you can logically find common ground and atomize the issue. But if you approach someone who has a completely different set of beliefs or does not share your methodology, you will just end up arguing past each other until one of you becomes frustrated and shuts down the conversation.

    When expressing your position, you must express your key beliefs before you dive into the details, and ask your opponent to do the same. Get to know one another before you start discussing the topic itself. This personal connection will not only make them less defensive, but also give you a chance to establish common ground, or if there is none, identify the root problem you disagree on.

    For example, the word "equality" is universally seen as good in Western society, but for different reasons.

    Some define equality as a legal term, others as a state of being. This difference is the root difference between classical / neo liberals, and progressive /socialist liberals. There is a deep history of these two keys clashing going as far back as the mid to late 19th century, and led to many conflicts including the cold war. Even without understanding the history of liberalism, you can argue from a personal position. Look for these core principles, and listen carefully to how people define their terms. You may find that the root issue is simply that you and your opponent have different definitions and stigmas attached to the same words, leading to you both misunderstanding the moral position of the other.

  5. I think it is amazing how you can create a video without really animating the movement of pictures already shown on the screen. If I would not have noticed that you only work with moving pictures on the screen(pop in, slide in, slide out, pop out/cover with something else), but not animating the picture itself.

    Also I had to do sound recording at work for a smaller project, because we did not have to money to pay someone to do it, and it was hard as hell. How do you manage to always sound the same? I tried it with different tools, but somehow I always sound different in the recording yesterday than I sound today.

  6. It's pointless from the start. 1 vote every x-amount of years, for a package of policies bound to conflict with not only the opposing party/-ies, but the same party that got ones vote.
    ,, and one gave that vote because of 1,2, tops 3 policies that the voter actually cares/has insight of. People should vote policies, not party-policies. If they don't care about the policy, they won't vote (like it's now anyways)

    A peculiar roleplay somewhat on the topic

  7. Us liberals always lose because we have crazy people who support absurd social issues and so not even we vote for our own people. Even I, a very far left person hates SJWs and wants to strangle them and tell them to shut the hell up because they’re ruining the party and letting the opposition win.

    Actually, I hate SJWs more than I hate republicans purely because they are supposed to represent our side in a good way but there they are, circle jerking around issues that they haven’t even seen the raw data of, writing Medium articles, and further distorting their already misleading information.

    When I got a gun, I wanted it because I had Trump supporters harassing me a lot because they assumed I supported Hillary, I actually didn’t vote for Hillary at all. I was afraid someone was going to commit a hate crime and that I needed a gun to protect myself. It’s morphed more into nearly being assaulted by disgruntled feminists while the actual Trump supporters just don’t really do much anymore.

    To this point, more regressive leftists hate me than republicans, they are the ones forcing a split in the party, and I think they can fuck right off, because at this point, they’ve caused so much harm in the party and still won’t take any accountability, that I truly don’t give a single fuck about their issues anymore.

    If they get beat up for yelling at a trump supporter over stupid shit instead of having an intelligent debate, I’ll be cheering the trumpist on to beat some sense into them.

  8. "Who can vote"
    That was a chilling statement, sir. If your solution to any problem is a restriction or expansion of voting rights beyond "all citizens of accepted adult age," you need to reclnsider your position.

  9. Amazing content, as usual. Thank you very much. After watching this, I was thinking that it would be great to see you make a clip on social networks and how their design and layout may affect individual decision making processes. Just a thought which was wandering through my mind. Thanks for all these amazing clips!

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