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How to Forgive and Let Go of Your Past

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  1. (With a bit of sarcasm, if I may)
    Excellent! Forgive! That is the solution! Whoa! So easy! It is just about what God almighty tells us to do. Now, what about agnostic, atheists and other religions? Oh, they do not get to forgive unless they believe in God, right? If forgiving is about stopping bitching about whom has done bad to us, in order to end poverty and hunger the solution will be to give away money and food. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates can save the world! Are they Gods? Maybe of the dollar. [laughter] But that solution will last until human metabolism asks for more food and until the money is spent so there is need for more money. If someone wants to forgive, someone only has to forgive – according to this video. Awesome! Tautology rules!
    In Psychology Today there are texts that together say that if one want to forgive, it is necessary to start over, "begin life again", rebuild a lot, re-frame so many things… And, buddy, that is HARD WORK for BODY and SOUL, a commitment for life. However, to change is something difficult. Without support, without an external structure to rely on, how can one go for a deep life and inner change? [Damn long msg.]

  2. Thank you God for this woman of God! you minister direct into our lives.I love Joyce! & I love to listen to your ministration.God bless you & dad many many more years to your life.I look forward to be receiving your magazines. From Zambia Africa with Love

  3. Am in a relationship that am not proud of taking to the future,the guy smokes,one habit that I hate.he's kinda ok, but there are two things in him that am scared of being a part of him in the future, how do I go about it.

  4. I love listening to the word of God through Joyce. Yes God is Good, praise God for Joyce. I have found it hard to forgive but I know if I don't God will not forgive me. I'm still trying to follow God and keep up the Good fight.

  5. Anger will eat at you from the inside. Learn how to make peace with those who have wronged you. This isn’t about letting the other person off the hook; it’s about alleviating the pain that resonates within you. Keep in mind that he who angers you, controls you. Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their actions. Forgiveness stops their actions from destroying your heart.
    Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got.

  6. Forgiveness doesn't necessarily mean reconciliation. If you discern that a person is a habitual liar, abuser, etc. and continues in this, you have the option of not being in their company. No contact with evil people is not unforgiveness.

  7. I try hard to forgive my abusive narcissist and to have peace with him. He continues abusing and all I can do is not allow it to affect me mentally. Please pray for me to be strengthened, patient and more forgiving. I still have some resentment and anger towards him.

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