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I Wore A Modesty Poncho For A Day • Ladylike

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  1. "it's about having a choice." Well choose to go to a different School. Go to a public school. It's a completely different Pancho. Everyone has their own beliefs.

  2. This is forced, why not wear a prom dress with an actual fabriced poncho… I know you still have one in your closet from 2003 cuz I still do lol.

  3. Yes ladylike is calling out this one incident, however the point that's being made that some aren't getting is this. There's no dress codeding to the male students.. Meanwhile girls all over are being told to wear a bra, or to wear longer shorts, something that doesn't relieve you from the heat, or shoulders!! That's the point being made. A body is a body. Literally courts have said there's not scientific reason for women to hide their chests when mean don't, besides the natural thing of creating milk for a baby…. The point is let people wear what's comfortable, not flashing genitals, or butts, or for the delicate breast.. Let us be braless.. I can't wait for the burning the bra to come back. That was a turning point for women.. Ladylike, help make a turning point again.. I love the message you're helping spread and stop body shaming or body guilting in fear of turning a male on.

  4. My opinion young girls dress like they are woman . I don’t agree with some yes some of the clothes they wear . But in saying tht some of these guidelines are b.s . Nothing wrong with looking beautiful. Just don’t be trashy

  5. I love you Devin, but I think you’re bringing attention to the wrong points in this issue. I’m actually in highschool, so it might sound weird for me to say this, but I think high school dress codes can be important. One of my friends wears very revealing and tight clothes, not AT ALL because she likes fashion, but because she’s very insecure and feels like she needs validation from boys. A reasonable dress code (doesn’t try to sexualize shoulders or legs) is healthy because teenagers are at such an impressionable age, and it’s good to encourage girls to feel beautiful without receiving validation from boys who find them sexy.

    I would like this video if you drew attention to the fact that the administration presented this dress code in a demeaning, almost patronizing way. Making a girl wear a poncho at a dance is shaming her for showing her body, whether she did it for attention or just because she thought the dress was cute. Don’t shame, support and educate!

    That’s just my opinion. Feel free to disagree! I didn’t like this video, but I will keep watching Ladylike.

  6. Only in Murica… I live in Catholic country, but I would never even imagined that somebody could come up with idea of "modesty" piece of clothing. Girs just know: you shouldn't show too much, but arms? Really? What's wrong with girls arm?

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