[Internet] WTF – Buzzfeed wants YouTube to demonetize controversial opinions

Joseph Bernstein, a (laughable) Buzzfeed News Reporter, wants youtube to start to go after people like Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson, Sargon of Akkad, …


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[Internet] WTF – Buzzfeed wants YouTube to demonetize controversial opinions

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  1. No, Buzzfeed, YouTube is not a search engine for the Dark Web.
    It's not a .onion site.
    You do not need TOR to watch YouTube videos – in fact I'm pretty sure watching YouTube on TOR is discouraged, as it's much slower and could cause congestion.

  2. MSM has lost a ton of market share. the wsj – if you trust them- had a story in Feb. that show average people are now watching more minutes of YT, just YT, than they are traditional cable. There's a strange dichotomy here where creators on either end of the left or right extreme, hell even the centre, need to stand up just for their right to be. I know infowars has been bragging they beat MSM every day, and I'm kind of inclined to believe them, as cable cutting has reduced the efficacy of advertising on that medium. I think advertisers know this yet simply don't want to finance the next generation of entertainment, if it's going to exist on the Internet as we know it. This then leads to more money going toward neutering creator control online in order to gain control of the medium. There's already content conglomerates online who source content (often from their parent distributors like hbo, or sony)
    with the intent of reinventing, or approximating the current industry model.

  3. People are getting sick of Buzzfeed, and have had it with them. So People tell everyone how they feel in the comments and on videos on YouTube. I pretty much guarantee that this has hurt Buzzfeeds bottom dollar. To bad for them. If they werent such cancerous piece of shit SJWs…then people wouldnt hate them so much, hence they wouldnt talk so much shit about them. Well guess what…People dont like you Buzzfeed…and what you say isnt "truth" by any means. You cant just silence people or try and hurt them through demonitization just because they dissagree with you with a differing opinion. Thats fascism, and thats the hillarious irony.

  4. Matt, is important to keep in mind that using YouTube is not a right, but a privilege. The same applies to all privately owned social media. I think it's funny when the defenders of the free market (and I'm not referring to you in particular) get pissed when the free market acts.

  5. everyone should just start mass reporting and mass flagging BuzzFeed YouTube channel and just keep it up until they put out an article saying the opposite or they become controversial enough that they get demonized under their own standards.

  6. Buzzfeed is what happens when a bunch of uppity upper-middle class get a journalism degree simply because they have unlimited access to their mom and dad's credit card and then realize this, feel guilty, and try to depersonalize their privileged experience by trying to project it onto white people as a whole. Buzzfeed and their antics are the result of severe cognitive dissonance.

  7. What if I find buzzfeed videos controversial? Does that mean that they can't make money off of their YouTube videos? Of course not, because it is only controversial if certain people think it is. That sounds like facism, if they don't deem it acceptable, you don't get to make money. Yeah, that sounds fair.

    Come on guys, let's just let buzzfeed know that their videos are controversial and therefor they shouldn't be making money off of their videos, then hear their bullshit response.

  8. According to Matt, at the 4:00 mark, he essentially dislikes conservatives.

    David Seaman was/is a respected reporter who is putting his career on the line over Pizzagate. He didn't just go crazy. He is a damn good reporter. I read his work and he is an excellent reporter. I am on the fence over PIzzagae, but there is smoke and fire.

  9. You don't give a fuck about the TRUTH either Matt.
    Whatever gets you clicks and views since all you are is a money whore like DSP,ReviewtechUSA,Pewdiepie and more.
    So fuck off.

  10. Does that mean that they're in favour of demonetizing the mahoosive steaming piles that Buzzfeed inflict on the unwary internet world from their NINE channels (including three that don't have the toxicity of title including the name Buzzfeed)?

  11. While I can agree Paul Joseph Watson can be quite sensationalist at time, there is usually a good amount of objective fact in what he reports. Stephan has some good fundamental points towards reality and the human condition, but ultimately is a mixed bag with a lot of ego.

  12. Matt if you and Stefan were ever to debate, he would absolutely destroy you. I do find it comical that you are lampooning him for not seeking truth, just a brand of it considering how you do not create videos for when Trump does something you agreed with him on during the campaign.

    Those in glass houses….

  13. It's hard to take Buzzfeed seriously as a news source when they also churn out arbitrary listicles with copied GIFs about how a certain grocery store is somehow the greatest thing on the planet, quizzes about which Disney princess is most likely to have lunch at Panera with you, and videos where their employees swill their own piss.

  14. So, Matt, you are against Paul Joseph Watson, Sargon of Akkad and others, but you are defending Milo Yiannopolous and PewDiePie, What the fuck are you even talking about?!?!

  15. well say goodbye to making money if you have an opinion on anything, because any and everything can be controversial to anyone. don't like child marriage? well that is controversial to Muslims, don't like the rape stats in Sweden? that is controversial to the main stream media, good luck everyone you can see where this is going.

  16. I've been subscribing to more channels lately doing my part for the cause. I don't use ad block. I've been daily following to see if anyone else has been hit in the pockets and so far this is what I know: In August Philip DeFranco got hit in the pockets for using dirty language. Then of course you know Felix got hit in the pockets for Nazi jokes. next day or so, Milo got hit in the pockets for saying the same stuff George Takei, Lena Dunham and Sarah Silverman said long ago to the tune of a loss of a best selling book deal and loss of his job. Few days ago Alex Jones and Info Wars got hit in the pocket for 3 million dollars because ad roll says they are political and will no longer support them. If you don't see a scary pattern here, you are missing it. I know a lot of people disagree with the President, however, I think he would back you guys up on this. they have already started a movement to allow alternative journalists into the briefing room and there was talk of adding Skype seats for guest journalists who are not local to the white house. Anyway, whether you believe it or not, you are the future of journalism. Good luck and keep an eye on your pockets.

  17. Fake news. Stefan sells nothing. He puts his ideas out there and his viewers give him donations. No advertisements or anything. He even gives his books away for free too (pdfs). I'm only staying subbed because of your role in GG.

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