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Iran saber-rattling may point to its economic, political vulnerabilities

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  1. Didnt the ayatollahs come to power to begin with due in large part to the Shah regime doing a lot of the same corrupt bullshit that they themselves are doing? They must think they're immune to the same fate. I will bet $8 or a thousand Dinars that they are not immune.

  2. see? here is the INSANE part. this F** Itolaha Comeni or whatever his name is has 95 BILLION in his own bank account. What's he gonna do with all that money??? spend it on Hookers ?Stormy Daniels ? ah Na stormy is only about 300$ at pop. LOL now the Iranian currency is 114.000 to 1$ LOL 🙂 Trump is a Genius 🙂

  3. One of the great mistakes made by Democrats to vote for an Islamic Muslim Brotherhood President name Barack Hussien Obama who was a Muslim spy in disguise pretending to love America. If Obama loved America, he would never transfer secretly without authority by the American people $1.5 billion in cash from an Islamic Bank of Oman by night to Iran military air base. This tells Obama connived with the Iranian Mullahs. By US law, aiding an enemy of the US is treason. I wonder why the US justice system has not questioned him about the secret transfer of $US o aid an enemy? The law says: Treason is the offence of a US citizen secretly attempting to aid a foreign government bt betraying the American people. Hillary Clinton Obama's sidekick secretly destroyed classified emails and yet she is not to be questioned by law. Why there is one set of law for Democrats and every law is applied to impeach President Trump?

  4. The US 21 trillions national debts.. with 320 billions in special interest paid to privately owned federal banks.. 7 trillions spend on wars in the middle east.. all printed from thin air for the benefits of the military industrial, senate, banking and media complex.. go and burn in hell for eternity.. may God wipe the evils of Zionism and the deep state NWO from the face of the earth.. Ameen..

  5. 🌿🌷*• Iran to respond in kind🌹*• if interests endangered: IRGC commander💕*•.. The Islamic Republic of Iran is a formidable country militarily, economically, scientifically, culturally and socially.. it's strength is in it's people and it self-sufficiency in all fields.. Iran ranks first in science production among Muslim states.. with 50k articles ranking 1st in the world with 9% growth.. It's self sufficient agriculturally and industrially in producing it's own satellites, dams, power/solar plants, refineries, automobiles, tractors etc etc.. IR Iran is producing it's own military needs from small arms to ballistic missiles, mines, submarines, ships, aircraft and UAVs etc etc etc.. militarily Iran is a formidable regional power.. it has proven itself in combat in the imposed war, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.. with ~100k+ pin-point accuracy ballistic/cruise missiles all ranges.. ~5k+ air-defense units biggest in the region.. not to forget it's 18m Basijji martyr volunteers force well trained in first aid/basic military to defend it's cities.. making it literally impossible to defeat it militarily or invade the country.. even with the total 2m US soldiers.. not to mention it's secret weapons/technology to blind the US satellites and captured it's most advance stealth RQ-170 UAV.. in the event of unprovoked, preemptive false-flag war.. one could never know if Iran could strike the US mainland, it's interests or all it's surrounding military bases and naval fleets.. Saddam supported by 20 western countries could not defeat Iran in the 8 years imposed war even Iran could not produce it's weapons or ammunition then.. but after 40 years of western illegal sanction IR Iran has shown it's strength and power now.. anti-access or area denial Iran could easily shut the Strait of Hormuz where 40% global oil flows for electricity generations etc.. during the Iraqi war, with air-supremacy and NATO, the US need 6 months to locate and destroy 6 Saddam scud launchers.. the US lost ~2k armored vehicles mainly to IEDs.. In Afghanistan, 100k US soldiers could not defeat the Talibans.. In Lebanon 2000 & 2006, the Israel could not defeat the Hezbollah and had to cry to the UN for intervention.. it's advance naval corvette was also striked by missiles.. In Yemen the Houthis had striked the western/Arab coalition advance naval fast frigates and destroyers.. F15/16s advance aircraft and Apache helicopters etc etc.. it's missiles had also striked the Saudi/UAE military bases, airports and refineries.. In Syria the western/Arab backed ISIS terrorists are almost completely annihilated now.. probably the Israel Dolphin submarine and also it's F-35 aircraft were also hit.. Iran enemies could only possibly do now is physiological war of threats and demonizing Iran.. with the support of it's Arab for it's proxy wars.. hopefully Iran with the help of Russia/BRICS could counter or find the alternatives to the unilateralism of the US illegal sanctions which are against international law.. may God wipe the evils of Zionism and the deep state NWO establishment from the face of the earth.. and may peace, the inner peace and the believe in peace be upon you.. and of all humanity.. Allah is the Greatest.. Ameen*•..

  6. The only true who Mr Trump telling is ,the whole broadcasting companies Srejimeuch FOX NEWS,
    CNN and the rest are enemy of people they are the one supported by N.R,A to push and create the space for war between 2 countries without giving a dame to the young men and woman who go to war or millions of people dies as did in Iraq,Libiya.Afganestan.Syria Yamen bahrian so please stop people got sick and tired of you taking for the Iranian in iran that is non of your business what they want and do not tell those garbeg

  7. Bah, Iran's saber-rattling will have a rather embarrassing end when Trump begins to rain death upon those assholes. Iran is still on the US military agenda, and everything is going according to the schedule. That little showdown will also put an end to their Oil for Yuan business, prolonging the reign of Petrodollar for at least a decade. The US will reign supreme again, thanks to Trump.

  8. So when that incompetent obASSHOLE hussain told to the Russian leader in open mic that he will do everything after the upcoming election, Did anyone interrogated him?????

  9. East has SCO and China /Russia on its side will not allow Iran to be regime changed for Israel who want to rule the World via USA.If Iranians look to Libya/Iraq/Ukraine they will realise that revolution will lead to have gold bullion stolen it's oil being seized by USA before they toss the Iranians into the dustbin of history.Iran has a problem with ruling elite /RepublicsnGuard .USA is not needed in Iran despite demands from Israel.If China and Russia allow USA to seize oil production in Iran the China will be starved of oil unless they submit to domination by USA.Time for SOC to tell Trump that "Iran is not your football we will help Iran develop.once your sanctions are removed .China is slowly taking over USA and has the biggest economics response weapon it can withdraw ftom derivatives market and break US Banks .

  10. Stop talking about Iran. Seriously. Its not a threat, its weird how much the media mentions them. Iran didn't pull out of the deal, WE DID. Iran also fought ISIS. Get a grip. The people won't accept a pointless war. Sorry. Our culture is broken at home. 80 percent of the country has big debt too.

  11. There is soon coming a roll out of a kind of NATO of the Middle East. Putin only wants its bases in Tarsus & Latakia in N.W. Syria, he cares nothing about the political conflicts of the region just a place in the Mediterranean for his ships. Israel, Jordan, Egypt & Saudi States will become allies in this agreement. Putin wants his Syria to have its seat too, but Iran has to be abandoned by him. All these countries are playing Musical Chairs hoping that when the music stops there'll be a Chair for them. Trump not the only one playing nice with Putin, Netanyahu is as well. That's the Music. When the music of niceties stop, not only Iran but possibly Putin, Erdogan & Assad might find themselves with no chairs in the agreement.

  12. F Trump! Damn I miss Obama.

    65,000 tax dollars on a private "pizza/dogs" party
    Fast & Furious, open borders
    Cocaine imports from Hezbollah, blocked DEA
    Weaponized the IRS.
    Private email server.
    Staged a coup against Trump after exonerating Hillary.

    The DNC murdered Seth Rich
    The Dancing Israelis (google it)
    Hillary sacrifices "chickens" to Moloch.
    Read Luzzatto's email to Podesta about swimming with kids for entertainment
    Anderson Cooper Vanderbilt interned for the CIA
    These people are sick.

    Trump prevented WWIII.
    The pedovore adrenochrome addicts are going down.

  13. lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up lock him up

  14. Why are so many Americans so stupidly ignorant? The Iranians hate us because we:-
    1/ Overthrew their democratically elected government and installed a dictator who had a secret police force which tortured and murdered many.
    2/ Gave a terrorist (Sadam Hussein) billions of dollars and weapons including poison gas to carry out a war of aggression against Iran in which a million Iranians died.

    Do you think we might be annoyed if someone did these things to us?

  15. i d prefer to die rather than u filthy American deciding for us
    we will choke strait of hormouz
    and u all will get it in ur stinky loose assess
    what we want is dirty blood of American soldiars

  16. We are going to bomb your dresses of IRAN only perverts wear dresses ( men wearing dresses ) IRANS Leaders little perverts, go ahead IRAN call out President Trump Again, and America will answer your dead regime.

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