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Iran threatens to expose politicians who made money on nuclear treaty deal

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  1. President #45 Donald Trump is (in every sense of the words) "By the people and for the people"!!!
    We have much to be grateful for having such a true "President" as Donald Trump is. During the campaign I would recieve phone calls asking me if I was votiving for hillary.
    They even called me back 2 more times which ironically would be when breaking news against our POTUS. I told them I am voting for Trump no matter what.

  2. Every time these vile criminals are about to get exposed…The Deep State stages another FAKE RED FLAG!!!
    For well over a decade now we the good, God fearing, Family loving, Country respecting citizens have waited to see the Bush regime, Clinton Cabal, Barry's banana Republic, The FBI and their evil cronies & CRIMINAL Fake News lap dog shills, held accountable for their blatant "IN YOUR FACE" crimes against humanity. Yet to this day they continue to be allowed to walk free. This SHAMEFUL double standard is a TRAVESTY!!!

  3. Hey IDIOT's plz do I hope IRAN expose President OBAMA . I'm a demarcate and voted for Obama and Hillary and bill and them dam republicans need some to be guilty of any thing .Because it to hard for them to believe they voted for trump they didn't know that rump was a complete fuckup they didn't know that trump is a teaseier trader to this country but what do a republican care .

  4. HERE'S THE LIST-killery, antichrist notbama, HOWDY DOODY AKA comey-THE PEDO!, INSANE MCPEDO, mad max, SCHMUCKER, muler, kery-LOVE THE VIDEO OF HIM CRASHING HIS BIKE!!, ETC.!!!

  5. Don't worry your gay little hero obama will make sure Hilldabeast and the fairy Kerry won't get blamed. Everything is in place so once the Democrats are back in power the United States will give them another 100 billion under some phony guise blaming President Trump. Sadly the deep state is just to deep to remove.

  6. Obama, Clinton, Kerry, and more up to there eye balls in this corrupt deal!! Macron, May, Merkel, and other world leaders also involved. All of them sold us out. Wake up people!!!! The European Union is totally corrupt. That's why they want Moslems in. It's ALL part of Soro's and his NWO plan to destroy America and take control of everything.

  7. This is exactly why Obama and his cronies like Kerry and the other spineless Euro countries begged Trump not to pull out of the "Deal with the Devils"…. The truth will finally be revealed about this shady and corrupt deal….

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