Is Asus ZenWatch the most attractive smartwatch?

Smartwatches aren’t usually good looking, but the Asus ZenWatch bucks that trend: it offers many of the same features as any other Android Wear watch, but has …


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Is Asus ZenWatch the most attractive smartwatch?

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  1. I don't think it's the most attractive smartwatch. I find the new block modular smartwatch the most attractive so far especially it`s launching soon. I'm looking forward to it as it has many special features. It`s more than just a smartwatch. It`s a perfect wearable partner.

  2. Wait till the Apple Watch comes out, Dan will surely love it and hate every other watch on the planet. The Verge its time for a better and un-bias reviewer.

  3. The 360 is way better looking why the hell would i want that shit on my rest, looks silly to wear plus its not my style, im pretty sure most people would agree

  4. i like this more than the 360. I only disagree with his statement about the bezel being too thick. I think Asus wanted to give it a smooth, slightly roundish shape, and it increased the bezel size as a result. but it looks good, and you get full use of the screen unlike the round faces. honestly, the 360 is a huge let down that everyone except its owners see. the cheap lcd display, old cpu, poor battery, the black thing at the bottom of the screen, the fact that you cant keep the screen on at all times, the weird looking metal band that looks nothing like the concept band, and the backs cracking. screw that watch

  5. THIS is "easily the most attractive" ?? In a world with a silver Moto 360 with metal strap ?? Dare I say this looks just as ugly as any mobile device with the letters s,a,m,s,u,n&g related to it.

  6. By God is this thing ugly. Sorry but no, definitely not the best looking device. Rather give me one of those Samsung crap watches… OK maybe it's not that bad but imo it doesn't beat the 360 in design at all 😉

  7. This is seriously not the best looking android watch, Dan is a great reviewer but a line has to be struck between opinion and fact, and the fact is the Moto 360 is the best looking smartwatch

  8. Nice looking watch no doubt, but that bezel is unforgivable. The strap does look much better than the 360's. I've had my 360 about 2 months and already the strap is starting to show obvious wear. I'm guessing the pinch to check your heart rate feature stops it taking periodic readings in the background?

  9. so what was the point making of this 2 minute video ? just to make a video on Asus Zen watch ? who ever this guy is his voice is soo annoying __ akkhhh pointless stupid you tube video 

  10. The Verge is all about looks. No substance. Gone are the days tech is actually about tech. Now it's run by hipsters and subscribers of Cosmo and Vogue magazines. Yuck

  11. Who would have thought that Dan seemed like a cool dude years ago, when he was working with android police, android central or whatever. Now he is just another biased asshole. What a shame.

  12. it is by far the best looking android watch and doesn't look like a cheap looking computer on wrist he's right, dont know what nerds are bitching about

  13. Hey +The Verge , can you explain how you added the link back to your website's article in the video? I noticed the little info button in the top right of the player and it pulled out a sidebar linking back to your website. Is this an exclusive feature for certain partners? I never heard anything from YouTube about this feature. Thanks!

  14. WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? FOr the last 25 years ASUS have been making the most innovatinve and extremely well thought out designs in all spaces of computer manufacturing, from they're amazing agressive looking gaming gears and desktops. To their beautiful elegant Zenbook line up. THEY Will OBVOULSY make the best Smartwatch looking, becasue thats what ASUS ALWAYS DOES. ITS NOT A SUPRISE. YOU FUCKING BIASED APPLE FAGGOTS, ASUS IS THE BEST. ASUS IS LOVE, ASUS IS LIFE. AND ITS NOT A FUCKING SUPRISE.

  15. Best looking and attractive differs from person to person.
    To me the Sony Smartwatch 3 looks best.
    The ZenWatch I would rank it below Moto360, G Watch R and G Watch.

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