Jamie’s Top 5 Healthy Tips | Quick & Easy | Jamie Oliver

It is that time of year when we all get a little conscious of the waistline, and start joining gyms all across the country. These quick and healthy tips are free and take very little commitment…


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Jamie’s Top 5 Healthy Tips | Quick & Easy | Jamie Oliver

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  1. My Top 5 Healthy tips:
    1. Eat more organic leafy greens
    2. Eat less bread, pasta, and starchy carbs
    3. Do not drink soda or fruit drinks with real or fake sugar
    4. Drink raw smoothies and juices
    5. Exercise in short, intense workouts

  2. There is actually no difference between white and normal brown bread, when it's not whole wheat. Brown bread is literally just white bread with food colouring to make it look darker, so people think it's healthier. It's only healthier, if you buy something with whole grains in it.
    You can even try it out at home. Spelt is always talked about being the healthy cousin of wheat – so the bread should be darker, we think. I baked a spelt bread (not whole grain) once and it was as white as any old white wheat bread.
    So, just because some bread is darker than the other, doesn't mean it's healthier.

  3. It’s all about making gradual little changes and swapouts that you can sustain!

    Although don’t exaggerate the benefits of dairy. For taste? -Not gonna argue. But for health? The food and gym industry are all on about yoghurt, quark, cottage cheese and whey for protein and calcium… Heavily overrated when there’s plenty of vegan options available without the downsides, almond, oats, hemp, pea, soy etc.

  4. or, you just don't eat bread or pasta or rice because it's basically nutritionally devout of really anything your body needs????????? You can get fibre from so many other better foods

  5. This is great Jamie! Great to see celebrity chefs showing the public that carbs is not evil. And that there are healthier swap outs BUT we can choose depending on the dishes we cook. You're the best!

  6. I can't stand wheat bread, it's like exercise, white bread till the day I die. Now wheat or brown pasta I'm fine with, I have no problem choosing it over the white, even with the longer cooking time, although my gut sometimes has a major disagreement with it!!

  7. Great video. I use a real mixture in my cooking depending on what recipe I am creating. I believe in a balanced diet and a bit of exercise does the trick pretty well to keep me healthy. I was waiting for the brown mayo but I was surprised with the yoghurt swap… nice!

  8. Just for everybody info. Brown bread or pasta will not help you lose weight as it doesn't contain any less calories, in most cases they have more calories per serving. However, there is no doubt it is healthier, just make sure you don't go eating a loaf of brown bread thinking its the same as two slices of white.

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