Karnataka Elections 2018 Final Snap Poll | Times Now Exclusive

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Karnataka Elections 2018 Final Snap Poll | Times Now Exclusive

Comments 45

  1. Actually when you make a survey you are asking face to face prople express as against BJP but really when they vote it will be in favor of BJP. This is the trend always. So BJP will win for sure.

  2. Asa a Naqvi is absolute nonsense peddling scumbag who just licks KHANGRESS and in particular RAHUL Baba’s feet! She darent even try to initiate licking his backside but is relegated to his feet in view of public decency! I am sure if she had her way she would love to give him several blow Js, at least three times every day!

  3. why times now always support bjp.pls change ur mindset.people didn't like modi.because give me five years I will change india.but what happened now. all forms of society suffering a lot. gst. and demonetization.

  4. Fake survey. Rajagopalan shouts won't give any fruitful conclusion for BJP. HUNG ASSEMBLY CAN POSSIBLE. MODI is not a GOD too. I am not favouring any party. But as a common man who is having some sense I can say MODI WAVE is not there. Modi has given a wrong intimation of NEHRU regarding Mr. Timmaiah and Mr. Cariappa. Karnataka people are not fools.

    Rajagopalan will get high pressure. Ask him to take care of his health. It can not be a conclusive survey. Mere waste debate on that survey 😆

  5. People of Karnataka are not fool ok ,this is the worst survey I have come cross . Taking 1200 sample for 6 crore people ,I think it is baseless. No Modi wave ok .

  6. Following times now since last month .! It’s clearly biased towards bjp . The hashtags they use and the moderators crack jokes about congress leaders . Is that where we are as the fourth estate of the country . These are dangerous times surely .

  7. This is a fake survey. 57% means clean sweep much more than AAP in Delhi triangular contest. What is impressive is JDS still being relevant. Congress is already to break JDS.

  8. So many people said that they will leave country if Namo became PM in 2014. Nobody left so ur claim of leaving analysis of election is just as hollow as others

  9. All the persons who are doubting sample size should ask the cooks in their home that when they try to check the meals whether its fully cooked they try only one piece or the whole meal?and wherever the number is concerned do the psephologist have to cover the whole population for it's validity?

  10. That's why its called opinion poll if one critics can decide the movie whether it should be viewed or not than who believes the opinion polls should not debate on sample size

  11. BJP will win and win
    and definitely WIN
    with 126+ Seats in great Karnatska state.
    People's united choice to elect only BJP under the ,, popular & STABLE leadership of MODIJI, Honourable PMji.

  12. I don't understand why these people are sent to take part in a debate if they do not understand the difference between a survey and the actual poll result. The survey is done on a small sample size, they never claimed that BJP will get 57 percent vote in the actual election. They merely stated that in their survey BJP gets 57 per cent. And the Modi wave claim is bogus. BJP trend was there in Karnataka from long back. Actually, some people are trying to plan for an excuse beforehand by giving extra credit to Modi's last minute campaign. See my findings on the google trends. https://www.reddit.com/user/aniruddha_maiti/comments/8ia3ou/karnataka_assembly_election_google_trends_data/

  13. Difference is the foundation of the very life itself. You and I do not look the same. Imagine if all human beings on earth looked the same. All men look the same and all women look the same. Imagine if all of us think the same, believe the same things and do the same things. There would have been NO IDENTITY, NO LOVE, NO MARRIAGE, NO DEBATES, NO PROGRESS, NO RACES, NO LANGUAGES, so on and so forth.

    It would have a total chaos and total confusion. Nobody would be able to identity anyone. There would not have been any personality or individuality.

    Imagine if all parts of our body looked the same and did the same functions. Life would not have been possible. Imagine if there were no different elements, a variety of plants, fruits, trees so on and so forth. Life prescribes variety. God prescribes variety. Nature exists and thrives on variety.

    And yet, saffron fascists including BJP, RSS and the like do not get this fundamental LAW of NATURE/LIFE/GOD. They simply cannot stand differences. They simply cannot live with differences. They cannot stand people that disagree with them. They cannot tolerate people that follow a different viewpoint and a different religious faith. They simply cannot tolerate THE OTHERS that do not belong to the tribe or kind of their own making. They just oppose the very LAW OF NATURE, LAW OF LIFE, LAW OF GOD upon which the whole universe and life on earth stand.

    Evidently, the very saffron fascist ideology is baseless. It holds true for any fascist ideology. Jihadi ideology is anti-human and anti-social and anti-life for the same reason. Any ideology of intolerance of differences and peaceful co-existence with fellow humans is baseless.

    UNITY is what we need as a Nation, not UNIFORMITY, that the saffron and Jihadi fascists advocate.

    Look at the whole earth and life. They gives us clues to understand what life is all about. Imagine, you were the only person living on earth. Would you use and consume all the food and facilities that earth provides? Will it have been possible at all for you to use everything on earth? You don’t need more than half acre of land (at the most) to meet all your food needs. How many houses would you need? How food would you need? How much entertainment would you need? How many things would you need?

    So, evidently, whoever has designed the earth, has not designed it for ONE PERSON or even ONE LAKH PEOPLE. It is designed for a large number of a VARIETY of PEOPLE. And if you cannot stomach that, it is your problem. Saffron fascists and Jihadi Muslims fall under this category of social unfits/imbeciles. They are so socially challenged that they think this whole world should belong ONLY to THEM and not others that do not DO what they DO, do not THINK what they THINK, do not BLEIEVE what they do not BELIEVE, do not PRACTICE what they PRACTICE, do not WEAR what they WEAR, do not EAT what they EAT so on and so forth. This is absurd. And they are not able to see this basic problem with their ideology borne of their IGNORANCE, TEMPERAMENTAL DEFICIENCY and INTELLECTUAL INEPTITUDE.

    With all of those inabilities and disqualifications they want to rule a NATION.

    And RETARDS of their own tribe elect them to power because RETARDS elect RETARDS.

    RETARDS represent RETARDS.

    Question is, has India become a nation of RETARDS that fascists represent? Do we want rest of the world see us a NATION OF FASCIST RETARDS or as a DEMOCRATIC, SOCIALIST, SECULAR, REPUBLIC?

    ELECTIONS give us the opportunity to make the CHOICE between the above TWO.

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