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Kindle vs paper books

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  1. A book never sells out on an ereader. I'm pretty sure you can share books on a kindle. I love my kindle but I do spend more money on paperbooks. Which I shouldn't do cause I get stressed out with all the books around me. Especially being in a state that gets hurricanes.

  2. Kindle is better in every way, the arguments for Kindle were really bad. You get loads of books in one package making travel so much better, free books are everywhere, and it's much better for the environment.

  3. Yeah. I prefer the look of having my books in a library for me to to sit and read whenever I want. For most people our eyes are already pinned to our phones for most of the day. You really want to be looking at a screen to read too?

  4. Everything I do is digital. Games, Movies, Music. But since I do not read that much books (i think I have about forty books only,) it is just not worth it to buy an e-book-reader. I mean digial has many advantages, and i do not care about showing off my phsycial media libraries anyway. But phsyical books are most of the time cheaper than digital books. Also I do not care about smell or feel of real books. I love digital, but it's simply a lot cheaper for me to buy physical books instead of digital ones ^^ So i don't think that will change soon

  5. Digital books have their pros like being able to read in the dark without a light and having thousands of books on one device and being able to carry them all but it also has draw backs like needing to be charged and just the overall feel. You just can't replace real books. Turning the page, the feel, the smell, having them stacked up on a bookshelf all neat and tidy… all of it. Digital books and audio books have their place (i had a free audiobook once and i listened to it all and it was great, it got me into a series that i have been reading since and am half way through the fourth book of) but there is no replacing an old book.

    I never used to be keen on books. I only used to read them in school when we did it as a class reading things like of mice and men and goosebumbs ect but other than that i found it boring. It is only now as a 19 year old i have grown to appreciate them and have been doing a lot more reading.

    I used to play games and watch movies or tv and now i play less games and don't watch tv or movies at all. I really enjoy the feel of a book and it cannot be replicated by any digital form. It's like drawing, digital art is fun to do and it is very useful but there's no replacing traditional pencil and paper.

    These are just my opinions of course. They both have their place but i don't think digital books can ever truly replace traditional paper books and the same goes for most other things that have digital forms.

  6. For high fantasy, I need the physical book even if I purchase or borrow the ebook after, bc you sometimes need to refer to the maps and appendix of characters. But I always carry my kindle with me.

  7. Urrggh! Book snobs. I have both books and a kindle. If I am traveling from home for long periods of time to hell with the physical books. While at home I enjoy the colors and titles on my shelf that quickly remind me of what the book was about. As long as you are reading who gives a rabbits crack.

  8. Nothing beats a good REAL book, seriously. Kindle Oasis definitely has its pros, but nothing gets better than opening a book, slowly flipping the pages, as you chart unknown territories. Also, I get sleepy when I read too long on a device than on a real book. The beautifully illustrated covers (especially the ones from hardbound ones) are also something you can never get from electronic devices.

  9. I understand the whole nice book feel, smell and being able to display the books you have read. But for people who like less "stuff" and like to read alot the Kindle truly is far superior.

  10. Leather's disgusting. Animals, especially cows, suffer tremendously for leather production. It's not just a by-product of the meat industry. Humans are animals, and no more special than any other creature.

  11. Of course I love my paper books but with infestation rats and roaches love paper btw plus rain fire damage normal wear and tear moving to a new place and misplacing your paperbacks and hardcovers and not being able to find a physical copy make kindles ideal for reading. Ive experienced all of these and have lost a lot of great books and manga over the years.

  12. Paper books are definitively and infinitely better than kindle books. There is no argument. If you think e-books or audio books can come anywhere close to competing with actual books, you're an uniformed fool. Studies even show that people remember more of what they read if they have a paper copy. A true reader is someone who reads actual copies of books and that's that.

  13. unpopular opinion: most people that prefer physical books never used an e-reader for an extended period of time (or they used a Sony that's been discontinued for a decade now). Realistically reading physical books maybe has 2 pro's versus 20 cons vs. reading e-books. It's fine to be nostalgic or have your own preference, but rationally it doesn't make sense.

  14. Biggest perk of kindle especially the 3G versions when overseas in an airport…

    "Hey so I was reading this amazing book the other day"
    "Really what was it?"
    "It was…"
    Brings out kindle, buys it
    "Cool, thanks for the recommendation! I'll check it out on the flight home!"

    That is the biggest perk of the Kindle.

  15. Ok im a big book nerd and i read a lot my dresser is filled with books and my closet is filled too from books over the years and i recently got a kindle and im not a fan of it i got an little older model and it runs slow and i hate that i have to charge it but i love that it fits in my book bag my locker at school and it isn't as big as a book it doesn't get heavy overtime but im in constant fear its going to crack but for some reason i prefer books better than a kindle

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