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Korean Women Talk About Growing Up In The US

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  1. As a Korean-American myself, I sometimes feel that I’m too Asian for Americans and too American for Asians. I’ve also had to deal with racism and stereotypes here in the U.S. as well.

  2. 7:00 Yeah without kpop the majority of music and dancing was very limited. In fact without America's influence Korean would still be very behind. Not saying there weren't tainted people before but don't deny America's big role and the new wave of dancing and singing in Korea you didn't always have it and you weren't always cool.

  3. 4:57 like Kristen but she contradicted herself a bit there. She stated how she gets called white washed but then states that she tried to hang out with more white Americans to show she wasn't fob. You bright that on by yourself it seems that you tried so hard growing up to not be Asian by hanging around white people that it influenced you a lot. Even the way you talk seems white washed. Don't blame others people for your mistakes. And you equaling American to white is cringe.

  4. I’m Korean and I was born in America and I’ve never been to Korea but I still get the mean and negative comments for everyone calling rice cake and all people say is do u just eat rice and it’s very hard so sometimes I just what to move to Korea so I don’t have to deal with all the drama here and I’m only 13

  5. Claire looks like Shin Ryu Jin i’m shook
    and also, i can totally relate to what they’re saying! if i got a dollar for everytime i felt “out of place” for being Korean Canadian, i’d be able to just fly out to Korea and live there smh

  6. somewhere @ 4:20 this is the reason why a lot of asians, youtubers, or simply ppl who are open minded support BTS and rly respect them bc they are breaking the barriers that the west have when it comes to asians. They are an Asian representation. That’s why BTS is a huge thing.

    Ps. sorry this is kind of off topic buuut I rly respect this girls and im happy to watch them just rly express themselves

  7. I love these videos so much because I get to learn things I haven't had the chance to experience or to get a glimpse at others' lives. 💕

    But would someone mind explaining the age thing at about 6:30 / 6:40? I'm a little confused. 😕

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