Lawrence Krauss’ Response to the Buzzfeed Allegations

Lets take a look at the 9 page document Krauss has released on twitter in order to defend against the libelous harassment claims of Buzzfeed and Co. Lawrence …


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Lawrence Krauss’ Response to the Buzzfeed Allegations

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  1. That moment when that liberal narrative that you push comes back to bite you in the ass.

    I hope that Mr. Krauss pulls through this and comes out stronger. Although I don’t agree with everything he says… I enjoy his lectures and this MeToo bullshit has gone too far.

  2. A lot of people are in denial about this, including Sam Harris: Lawrence Krauss is finished. His career is over – period! He will never be allowed on a university campus again. I am just keeping it real.

  3. Well written Mr Krauss…sadly… and I know, suspicion of impropriety tends to have a sticky effect. For what it may be worth, you are still a man of science and still a man of integrity. I truly hope to see you in debates in the near future and as always… we need to be respectful/empathetic around everyone, "especially" those of you in the public eye. And there are those that will try and smear progress to promote their own agenda(s) But we do not have to curb confrontation to the point of P.C gone "postal". The world we want to change and enlighten is currently doing just that, changing!. However with change comes the sensitivity, sometimes rightly, sometimes not so rightly. We need to be not only careful but… simply respectful. I have no qualms with you Lawrence, your work in science and your challenging of ppl to critically think. My respect has not been diminished. I do however have issues with a paragraph that includes the words… "Buzzfeed" and "Integrity". Hang in there Lawrence, be safe and… sue the bastards for everything they have! lol.

  4. Me too is being used as a weapon to destroy men because all you have to do is make allegations and people’s lives are ruined. I have no doubt that some women have been treated improperly by a man. I’m having a really hard time with this because women have been using sex to get what they want from men as long as there have been men and women. We must find a way to re-insert due process into me too or men will be afraid to ask for a date for fear their lives will be ruined. I think Krauss is being railroaded here because of his scientific world view and his anti theism.

  5. Where will this end? On the Las Vegas Strip every day there are beautiful, young, nearly naked (topless) women who are available for touchy-feely selfies with tourists. (For a price. Are they about to go out of business?) I'm of Italian descent, and we are naturally physical and hug everybody, and that's true of some other ethnicities—can we build enough jails to hold these people? My single male friends avoid social gatherings, and some have told me that they have stopped approaching women at parties. Professor Krauss, Dr. Carrier, and others are victims of what looks like a religious crusade, in which they attack the messengers, something they're good at. I hope Krauss sues Buzzfeed's ass off!

  6. Re: the fire that is burning in the background of the above video: that's a nice touch: it's one way to think about Buzzfeed, i.e., I would be THRILLED to see the place which houses the garbage spreader, BuzzFeed deserves to DIE (as do the slimy cunts who knowingly and with dollar signs in their eyes that spurred them to follow-up their criminal plot to somehow cash in on the lies they spread about Krauss to this worthless rag that is nothing more than a waste of internet space; if it were a physical, printed-on-paper rag full of lies and sensational fairy tales, it might even be easier to deal with those lower-than-fly-shit monkeys who scrawl their harmful tissue of knowingly false libel. In other words BURN THAT PLACE DOWN!!!! As it is, I'd be content with destroying everything that exists to enable them to exist: servers, hardware, software and the squishy-headed mongoloids who scribble this drivel.

  7. Hooray for Lawrence Krauss and a huge "FUCK YOU" to Buzzfeed, which has to be one of the most despicable excuses for an online blog. They belong in the gutter, with other trash; same thing goes for the lying tramps who, though they know they're being deceitful, nevertheless continue on this malicious tirade of a vendetta against someone that they, as well as those who know him and even those who may not know him but who are familiar with the man from seeing him around on You Tube, et al and kudos to ASU for standing by Krauss and at least attempting to let the truth be known, unfortunately trying to tell it to a publication that has absolutely no integrity and not a shred of any sign that they are trying to do anything to "serve any sort of purpose". I will be spending time at the Buzzfeed website, doing the internet equivalent of pissing in their offices. If anyone else out there is as disgusted by the actions of Buzzfeed, I would encourage you to do the unethical, deceptive rag. Down with Buzzfeed!!! Don't let up on these bottom–feeding scum. Write them a letter/email and voice your disgust!!!!!

  8. Witless Christians taking advantage of (and thus devaluing) ‘metoo’. Can’t beat him in debate? Denigrate him. I suspect that the emotionally ill Daniel Craig is at the root of this.

  9. Dude always gave me the creeps as did Louie CK. He probably did something but I doubt he did anything as bad as Buzz Feed claims. I think he's very narcissistic and he thinks he's the smartest one in the room. Clearly he is an accomplished scientist but he doesn't play well with others. He comes off as a showoff to me and sometimes a jerk. I hope it's all just bullshit. I guess we will see.

  10. Lets tell the truth and admit that the accusations are not JUST from Buzzfeed?
    There are multiple unrelated sources.
    Lawrence Krauss is a sexual predator.

  11. I enjoy Lawrence Krauss' writings, speeches, presentations and his discussions. I prefer to be able to read the content of this clip without the distracting background and superimposed music.

  12. It's a war on atheism , I mean atheists have a clean slate unlike the religious crowd . Who just can't keep their hands to themselves .. This is just a witch hunt , and it's unfortunate for Lawrence Krauss..

  13. They had interviews with over fifty people. Now that's fascinating. I didn't know you could put that many more people into a New York hotel room. And to allow enough space for Dr. K and his lady to dine in, and even for them to do a little necking. That must have been a HELL of a big hotel room. Lawrence, your lack of thrift is not seemly. I certainly hope you didn't try to put this on your university account now, did you? Good boy.

  14. Paid for tickets to listen to and meet him in NZ .. now he cancelled the tour to deal with these dipshits … fuck you buzzfeed and your bullshit, you'll never be anything but a minor tabloid of bollocks

  15. I do not know L K, however, as a person who has followed his work for some considerable time I do not believe the allegations BuzzFeed has made against him. It seems to me that these days any friendly person who is reasonably famous is fair game for any allegation to sell newspapers. Watching his utube videos it does show him as an open and honest person. He makes jokes and if some are offended by them, tough! You have a right to be offended but you don't have a right to persecute him for saying things. Personally I think that any organisation that makes allegations of any sort should be made to prove them beyond doubt and not hide behind their supposed right to report in the public interest.

  16. You have to be kidding. I can't listen to 20+ minutes of this computer voice. I can read myself. Video is for animated characters and visual scenes, not pictures of typed material. I will not be subscribing.

  17. I can't comprehend that in the years 2000 & now already beyond 17 that a publication like Buzzfeed would even want to discredit science and reason – or "an atheist movement". It seems when it comes to religion or anti-religion people go to their corners and claim cult-ish instincts. A psychologist actually wrote that there is no real clean definition of "cult". I definitely do NOT trust Buzz-Feed on this one and in fact barely ever read them. And I do not think Lawrence needs to be apologizing for "language" or "irreverence" etc. (unless it denigrates anyone in particular). If that is his personality then so be it. We need MORE individualist thinking in this world, not less. This Ms. Hensly character appears to be a piece of work to say the least – and also that Dean who both invited Lawrence to come back yet encouraged her to write allegations in a school paper = wtf?. And if you watch the face of "Mr Buzzfeed" when he describes the reasons why he published the article about Trump's "Golden Showers Incident in Moscow" – you can "see" the pleasure he takes in his own deviance or malice, in general. The only think I don't enjoy about Lawrence is his "loudness" when lecturing, and for that the solution is simple – I turn my speakers down. I for one am glad Lawrence wrote this as it explains even such basic things such as him accepting a transfer even before the complaints were made. godspeed – Lawrence – with a little g of course, ha ha.

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