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LG Watch Sport: too big for health and fitness

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  1. Nobody wants a tv on their wrist! lol I have small wrists too so I think Apple with the Apple Watch is the only company that cares about us small wristed people. I like Apple more anyway so it works out. Oddly though, I have small wrists, but big hands. looks a little awkward.

  2. you cant design something for everyone, I don't see anything wrong with a company releasing a product and tailoring it to a select market because they need to… There's no other way to fit all that stuff inside a smaller watch, that is why they released the style as well, but they wanted a flagship that could do everything and it needed to be big so they made it look masculine because they knew males would be the predominant ones wearing it due to it's size.. I say cudos for that. Complaining about it's size is like buying a gaming laptop instead of an ultrabook and complaining about it's size.

  3. It's fine. Seriously, I have one and the design is not an issue at all. It is only slightly more bulky than my TAG, and while I understand it's probably not the best watch for someone who has a wrist and arm as small as this person, if you're a guy or a not-skinny (like this person, they are very skinny) woman, you're probably ok. Her biggest gripe is the design, but if you're a guy, don't worry; it's a good watch.

  4. I was so happy to see a video about this watch that uses a woman's perspective. I regretfully bought this watch from AT&T to replace my Samsung Gear S3 Frontier because I thought that I would prefer Android over Tizen OS. (Still believe I would). Not too long after placing the LG on my wrist, I took it off and went back to my Gear. They pretty much do the same thing, and have the same features, but the Gear is a better fit. It would be a perfect watch if only Samsung included the Android Wear OS.

  5. She mentioned that the watch slides up and down her wrist while running. Does she know that means the watch is too loose and would probably not track her heart rate properly? Just saying.

  6. It doesn't look too big – just thick, and it just looks ugly IMO… The Gear S3 looks sooo much better and it's highly customizable. The AW2 is tempting but I think I'll pass.

  7. It's not a useless fancy apple watch. It's a sport watch so not really for wearing it everyday! And sorry if your wrist is tiny but that doesn't make it a bad product ! I might buy it because it can actually replace a phone when doing SPORT

  8. Looks great but it is not a chick watch. Not meant for people with small wrists. How about you get someone with larger wrists to see what they think? She seems to me like the kind of woman that goes to a shoe store and buys shoes that don't fit just because they look good and then complain that they don't fit right. This was not the right person to have an opinion on this watch.

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  10. I have big wrists and for me I finally have an option in the smartwatch category. there is a reason we.have options. I am praising @google for recongizing an opportunity for guys like me. I could say the exact same thing about an Apple watch for them not making something bigger. 42mm is women size as far as men watches they start 44-46 in high end category. this is mans watch. not for women.

  11. Hey, Awesome review but a barometer is not to track your altitude, thats an altimeter. Barometer is use to measure atmospheric pressure. Like Samsung Gear S3. Too bad strava is not on Samsung yet.

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  13. What about the Style? She completely ignores it but it's much smaller and thinner. Sure, it doesn't have GPS and LTE, but if you have your phone in your pocket, you don't need either of those. For small wristed people, it's a far better option.

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