Liberal MP crosses floor to join Conservatives | Power & Politics

Toronto-area MP Leona Alleslev crossed the floor to join the Conservative caucus. Alleslev and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer discuss the move and the …


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Liberal MP crosses floor to join Conservatives | Power & Politics

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  1. I think that's great she's not oblivious to what's happening in the government she was a part of, but also I think she knows that the Liberals are done and the people will be voting for conservatives, therefore she still has a job.

  2. Mr. Brad Lavigne doesn't understand our democratic process and doesn't understand why our democracy process is so flawed. Canadian citizens elect representatives which are part of democratic party. You do not vote for a party nor do you directly vote for the Prime Minister.

    The leader of the political party that wins the most seats becomes the Prime Minister and this is why it is so flawed. You can be part of an independent party but will never have a chance at being a prime minister since he or she is decided by the party for which you don't vote.

    * * * And for a MP do be able to cross the floor to the other party is the absolute of democracy since you are elected as to represent your constituent nor your party. And that all party forget that almost all of the time * * *

    What I don't like about Leona Alleslev is that she is unwilling to criticize the Prime Minister for whathe does wrong

    I find it very admirable to have a MP who decide to change sides because her prime objective is to serve her constituents rather than the Prime Minister who is closer to a dictator than a Representative.
    But she doesn't have the guts to say what she thinks is wrong with her former party, she was proud of being a liberal but had to change side.
    She is a coward, she doesn't want to say what she really means and doesn't mean what she says. Basically if you don't tell the truth you are lying.

  3. Hmmm in July she was so full of praise for the Government and the PM .. I feel sorry for the voters in her riding .. They voted for her with the Liberal Party .. No worries .. In 6 months she will probably be with the NDP or Maxine ..

    When Belinda Stronach crossed the floor from the Conservatives to the Liberals the Conservatives condemned her constantly ..

  4. Trudeau and Liberal Gov of Canada are about as corrupt as you can get, straight faced liars and thieves "TREASON"! only thing he's done well is, succeeded at dividing the Country and strategically driving it into bankruptcy. Well Done!

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