List of Celebrities Who Died In January 2018 | Latest Celebrity News 2018 (Celebrity Breaking News)

List of Celebrities Who Died In January 2018 | Latest Celebrity News 2018 (Celebrity Breaking News) Watch This Video: Latest …


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List of Celebrities Who Died In January 2018 | Latest Celebrity News 2018 (Celebrity Breaking News)

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  1. Surprised to see Canadian actor Donnelly Rhodes died. I see he did lots of work on both sides of the border. He also did a pretty good CBC Canadian TV cop show from Vancouver called 'Da Vinci's Inquest'. I'm not sure if it ever made it to DVD.

  2. I do have an idea who almost everyone is. And I think the definition of celebrity is somebody who achieved something. For those of you who are not familiar with these people who are all known in their various fields use Google and find them. R.I.P to all that passed & thank you.

  3. Great comment PatrolOfficer161…I had to stop half way though because like you said "someone you never heard of." That said I stopped viewing… How many people look the same as they did twenty to thirty years ago?? Before and later pics would have been nice!! Music very appropriate for the occasion….

  4. Why didn't you give their age and cause of death?  Whoever compiled the Feb. 2018 list did so, it means a lot more.  Didn't know most of them anyway.  With a picture of when they were young, though, they may have lived to be 80 and we wouldn't know.

  5. They are famous but we all don't know everyone that is famous. My cousin is in that list he played for the colts Edwin Jackson.   Thank You so much for posting this.  Your time was not waited Chavez.  Those people are someone's son, daughter, mother father sister cousin.  I was surprise to see my Cousin in the listing,  He was a great foot ball player for the Colts and he gave back all over the world.  Vicki Brown thank you for your comment.   My cousin was very important not just to our Family but he gave back his money and time to those that did not have.   He loved the game and love to give back to the community.   We should appreciate people that give back and yes they did give the cause of Death.

  6. Just because you've not heard of them doesn't mean that they are not well known for their work. Mark Salling was an actor on the series "Glee" I'm sure you've heard of that! Simon Shelton was Tinky Winky in The Teletubbies, Dolores O'Riordan was the lead singer with the Irish group The Cranberries, Donnelly Rhodes was an actor in Battlestar Gallactica, Jon Paul Stever was a Klingon in Startrek, Olivia Cole was in Roots, Lari White was a country singer, Ursula K. Le Guin is an interesting inclusion she wrote Sci Fi and Fantasy Books, Joel Taylor was a MINOR tv star, he was in a reality show on Discovery Chanel called Storm Chasers, John Morris was a film score composer probably best known for Blazing Saddles and Dirty Dancing, and last but no means least, Dorothy Molone was an actor in Peyton Place, she also won the Oscar for her role in Written on the wind. So there you have it, I don't know them all but my knowledge is freely shared.

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