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Magog Gets Hypnotic with Buzzfeed

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  1. And they wonder why California is almost always engulfed in flames………………………………..

    I'm telling you, it's a blaring message that they're just not comprehending.

  2. "Past life regression therapy." See…I…how does anyone fall for this? Even if you could connect with your past life is regressing to that life really a good thing? Skipping over the fact you are regressing i.e not a good thing what if you was a killer in your old life? "No officer you don't get it. I did not kill her it was a past life. See I went to get someone to regress me to a past life to know how I was and one took over and killed her. Why are you pulling out a white coat?"

    Also I have to say this because it bugs me to no end. If you are a christian or any religion other then one like Buta you can't believe in this stuff. You can't be reborn if your past life is forever in heaven or hell or where ever. "Ah Rob no one said they was." Wait for it.

    "Hypno cat" Ah Magog? Magog you there? Hello. Ah. I will get the unholy water.

    "You are so powerful you can relax your eyelids." Hey that is liviest buzzfeed. I am a skeleton without eyelids I take offence to that.

    Oh god. The meme it does nothing! Abort abort "Wait you are having a kid?" No not abort abort as in run away. "Wait so you are not having a baby?" Next time I higher a house keeper from the Zomg catalog I will make sure to check the "has brains" box.

    "Step into the light." Yay! I died! …. What I am still alive? Dam you buzzfeed!

    "Or do you work hard with your hands?" Too easy? Ya ya too easy I will just let that one slide.

    "I died" Well lucky you. Here I am still half alive as a skeleton and you are lording it over me you got to die.

    That one lady's shirt matches the cat's ass. No really look around 11 minutes. Her shirt matches.

    Wait wait hold the phone. I spy a video of Riley Dennis being pro poliamurious. This will be good.

  3. sooooo this witch and buzzfeed don't use hypno-taod for this bullshit video..
    that gash looks 700 years old…crazy and nasty….how can she say all these lies with a straight face,i think its the drive to steal their money..and buzzfeed just loves it.

  4. God, this is what happened to a generation raised on post modernist meaningless bullshit, participation ribbons and instant gratification. They'll look towards anything and everything to provide their empty lives with the slightest hint of purpose…or worse, use things like hypnosis to justify them being a lonely, pitiful idealogue whose pushed away anyone from their life who doesn't believe or care about this progressive nonsense.

  5. This is one of your funniest videos yet! I really enjoyed it!
    (My father was an accomplished clinical psychologist years ago. He did a lot of in depth ground breaking research. He was also an exceptional, seasoned hypnotherapist. One of his interests and subjects of research was “past life regression.” What this woman did, the way she handled the ‘guidance,’ the way she posed questions, etc is horse s***! The whole process, and especially the “healing,” does NOT work that way AT ALL! Beyond that, past life regression would not be necessary to deal with any of the problems they suffered from. As a matter of fact, it could very well be a hindrance.)

    She put on a good show! – Also, judging by the session room setting, especially to include the cat, I find it very, very unlikely that any of these people were actually able to fall into hypnosis. I have nothing against the cat, but any external stimuli – a warm, possibly moving, possibly purring cat would be a significant distraction. Not impossible, but unlikely with new, inexperienced subjects. I think they convinced themselves and played along. That is extremely common – and the purveyors know this!

  6. This lady makes people like me look bad XD

    Past life regression is more complex than this,
    and suggestable people tend to be young souls.

    Someone who's lived multiple lifetimes won't be susceptible to hypnosis from an outside source. It would take dozens, if not hundreds, of sessions to uncover any past lives, if at all, under those circumstances. Best bet for old souls is to meditate on it yourself, and gather as much information about your past life as possible. Write it down then cross reference and verify it after the fact online. I've confirmed at least 4 past lives in this manner.

    If your going to a hypnotist to figure out if you have past lives, you have not lived for very long, even if you have lived before.

    Not an old soul in this whole batch, because no old soul would be caught alive OR dead in a place like that 😛

  7. I want someone to do this and in the 'dream' be a rapist, brutal deepweb type torturer or die and freak the fuck out or say THIS IS MY DESTINY I KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW I ENJOYED THAT TRUELY.

    Either way unflinchingly and with full passion, thanking them.

  8. The black girl's subconscious is telling her the people she's associated herself with are harmful and if she attempts to leave she will be attacked mercilessly. The bundle-of-sticks' subconscious is telling him that he's in over his head with the same people and their ideology. It's killing him when he went in to find something meaningful or friends. The white girl is explained by Magog. I wouldn't be surprised if she's had an abortion or miscarriages and is suppressing guilt. Probably a miscarriage brought on by carelessness given the later parts of the video.

  9. Good to see you back…loved the crowder jokes good stuff….gangbang hahahah…wait that womans house is on the damn beach it looks like damn I could do this no problem.

  10. Forgive yourself for abandoning your children because it was the right thing to do but they would be safe? Even though it was acknowledged that the situation wasn't safe?…………..

    Weather past life's exist or don't in this one case as I have the feeling that that one woman would willing to do it again and say, "I'll just forgive myself in my next life." You know because you can't put someone on trail for something they did in a literal past life.

    And what tattoo did that guy have? Was that a target? Appropriate.

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