Mainstream media hammers physician over Trump’s health

Fox News political contributor Tammy Bruce, Wall Street Journal Editorial Page writer Jillian Melchior, National Diversity Coalition for Trump advisor Stephanie Hamill and The Daily Caller…


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Mainstream media hammers physician over Trump’s health

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  1. It's hard to believe that Trump is 6" 3' – especially when you see him standing next to Obama (6" 1') on the same step of the WH.
    Trump looks 1 or 2 inches shorter and that means his BMI puts him well into the obese category.
    And here's a news flash – obese is NOT healthy.

  2. how often do you see people with overweight problems play the genetics card? but then again, lets just say the doctor said trump was indeed borderline considered obese? so what? im trying to be fair here coz there are people who i know whom are in worse shape but cognitively excels in what they do. it is their bodies and it is their decision how to live their lives.

    what i dont understand is the cognitive test trump was given. heck even a 1st grader could have passed that test. he said he was a genius right? why not call his bluff and give him something a genius can answer. but then again, there are various ways to test cognitive function for guys his age.

  3. The Fox spin is fun but out of context and spin.
    The media received a one-page report from the White House. Not a standard White House medical report. A flowery and very complimentary, written report. The Dr's name was misspelled and written incorrectly. These things alone are confusing and not normal protocol.

    The media questions it, but decided maybe the white house summarized and wrote it up instead of showing the report. He doesn't have to supply it so, ok. The Dr was normal at first, but the interview was an hour and maybe he became tired, but he overstated how healthy Trump is in a fantastical way. The media is going to question when they know how badly Trump eats, it made no sense.

  4. trump deserves to be hammered. he has lied once again. trump is not in excellent health. trump is nowhere near being in excellent health. trump is at least 50 pounds overweight. he bribed that quack of a doctor to say that he-(trump) was in excellent health. I saw videos of trump out on the golf course and trump is at least 50 pounds overweight. trump is ripe for a major heart attack despite what that quack of a doctor says and that quack of a doctor should have his medical license revoked for accepting a bribe. this is just another con job by trump to fool the gullible into thinking that he is still fit to be commander and chief. now lets impeach trumps fat ass and MAPA-Make America Proud Again.

  5. Conservatives and Pro-Trumper’s: Here’s how to always come out on top of a Leftist, Liberal interview and/or attack:
    Not interested in this article or its length? Some are…please be curious and move along.

    First of all, you need to understand that you are already considered the enemy before even entering into this verbal boxing match with a leftist leaning Liberal. That being said however, you also need to know that you are entering into this arena with the upper hand. We already have the upper hand because of the limitations they have put upon themselves. Let me explain. In order for a leftist Liberal to invite you into their arena for a debate, they have had to have already ignored and/or denied the elephant in the room. Their arguments and talking points are always designed to turn the mouse into the elephant and the elephant into the mouse. Why is this so predictable you ask? Because (and I don’t say this lightly) their hate, bias, and fear of Donald Trump automatically produce psychological disadvantages in their thought processes.

    When hate, bias, and fear are used as a primary motive it causes an automatic blindness in their perception to the point where they actually believe their own judgments and conclusions. Believe it or not, the Mainstream Media actually believe most, if not all of their own (ridiculous) accusations and conclusions about Trump, his agenda, his administration, and his followers.
    Unfortunately, that means that the same goes for a vast percentage of all Leftist leaning Liberals. They aren’t guilty by association; they are through the process of conformity. Liberals are conformists, and pretty much all have the same conformal thought patterns and thought processes. A more commonly understood word for this kind of conformal-based thinking is: brainwashing. If there is one thing the Mainstream Media is completely aware of it is their continuous and nonstop drive to convert and proselyte as many of their viewers as possible into like-minded followers of their hate, bias, and fear-based narratives to bolster their ongoing soft coup attempt to remove Donald Trump through any and all possible means. In order for any coup to be successful, you have to have an army of like-minded people and/or soldiers behind you or you will quickly become a failed coup attempt and we all know what happens to the leaders of failed coup attempts.

    I have already briefly explained above that motives of hate, bias, and fear produce an automatic blindness in people because it corrupts their perception, but it also does something else to our perception that is even more harmful. Denying the elephant and focusing on the mouse is one thing, but turning the mouse into the elephant is another. What are we actually doing (or producing) when we willfully deny something that is unacceptable and replace it with something we can accept? Of course it is a form of self-deception, but what else do we use to describe the denial and replacement of an unacceptable reality with an acceptable one? It’s called replacing Objective reality with Subjective reality.

    If there was one simple way to describe the loss of our fellow humans to the disease of liberalism, it is the fact they live in a Subjective reality. Place objective realities and objective truth in front of them and they will immediately scream ‘rape’…they cannot handle objective truth for the simple reason that to them, it is an exposure of their denial and thus considered a personal attack. They do not want to hear ‘your’ objective truth because their arguments and justifications are all based on or in subjective reality and subjective ‘truths’.

    So how do we come out on top of any Liberal debate or interview with this awareness and knowledge? I told you at the beginning of this article that you already have the upper hand because they are in denial or willful ignorance of the elephant in the room, and that in so doing they will always base their arguments and accusations on subjective reasoning and subjective realities, but you need to understand one more very important thing and you will be ready to take on the best they can throw at you.
    People with a corrupt perception are not innocent of that corruption. It is willful and evil. It stands in direct opposition to Conservatives and Conservatism, Christianity, Republicans, and anything and anyone who identifies or agrees with President Donald J. Trump. That hate, bias, and fear in them will attempt to use psychological chains, ropes, and boundaries to encircle you in a ‘framework’ of questioning and accusations from their biased list of subjective realities and subjective understanding in the hopes of trapping or framing you into a line of questioning that will justify their narratives and discredit you and your talking points.

    DO NOT ALLOW THIS. They have absolutely no right or justification for doing this. Their motive and intent is to make you look like a fool. Anyone who does not have the disease of liberalism is free to think, act, and believe freely, without any of the politically correct, Liberal constraints and subjective realities that they live in and under. Under NO circumstance should you ever allow yourself to be put in chains or underneath of a premise that you have to dig yourself out of. Your justification comes from God, the Truth, and Objective Reality. Never feel obligated to justify yourself, your words, or your actions to a false authority. Truth is Authority and Power. Truth is also a witness of itself; it never solicits or requires anyone to defend it. When we speak the truth, we are a witness of the truth, not defenders of it. Again, truth does not require or solicit our defense. It is only that which is not truth and not reality which requires myriads of defense mechanisms, excuses, and justifications to uphold and perpetuate it.
    OK, get out there and win and never get tired of winning. Not for self-glorification, but for the future of America and our children. There has already been more than enough destruction done by the Democrats and Liberals in this Country. Let’s make America Great Again!!

  6. Media is real problems…… We respect Our President Trump who loves America>
    I am happy with the President Trump , because he loves America…
    God Bless President Trump!
    God bless USA !

  7. When will the leftards ever leave this poor man and his family alone?
    I watch with great interest everything going on in the USA politically and with your President.
    I wish we Aussies had such an amazing leader as your President Donald Trump.
    Go for it Donald, Make America Great Again!

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