Massive MUMBAI Indian STREET FOOD tour | Huge Indian food HUNT | SMOKY Kebabs + Gujarati PUDLA

MUMBAI, INDIA is a street food paradise! We’re on a massive INDIAN STREET FOOD HUNT all around Mumbai to bring you some of the local favourites.


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Massive MUMBAI Indian STREET FOOD tour | Huge Indian food HUNT | SMOKY Kebabs + Gujarati PUDLA

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  1. Hi guys, this is our last video from Mumbai, India- what a whirlwind it has been! This city is mind-boggling in the best possible way. We’re in Indore at the moment and are busy filming a tonne of videos. Make sure you’re subscribed to our channel so you don’t miss out when we post new content: Thanks for all the likes, comments and shares guys- we really appreciate your support. Cheers, Thomas & Sheena P.S If you have any tips on what we should be eating and where, let us know! And follow along in real time over on Instagram @chasingaplate

  2. Sheena's eyes widen up so much while eating 😊… seems she really is enjoying having all the food….nd that smile though from Thomas…is awesome…
    Good going guys I hope u reach 1M sub soon..🙏

  3. Hi there, I loved your videos. I am from south India and I would recommend to make video about food and snacks in Bangalore and Kolar it’s about an hour from Bengaluru. They do amazing snacks for every occasion like for Christmas, Hindu festivals etc. I am sure no has ever done videos of snacks in these places. Please do try if possible. Thank you

  4. Thomas- wow wow wow wow
    Sheena- ummmmm umm umm umm ummmmmm
    What can i say? You guys are great great great great!!!!!!!!

    Guys lets support support support and share share share!❤️❤️❤️

  5. I lived off street food all my life in India – and I live in Canada now. And while I should really be missing family and friends – all I miss is Chaat, Vada pav, Pani Puri… Oh my god. I'm binge watching and repeat watching and binge watching. Gotta start making these at home here in Toronto. Thanks for the visual reminder!

  6. Really love and even appreciate all these food vlogs the two of you are doing. Love because you guys make it look so interesting exciting trying out various types of food and such fun to watch. Appreciate because you guys have the courage to try out anything and everything irrespective of environment or hygience. And genuinely out of concern, have either of you succumbed to any food poisoning in your quests so far??

  7. I could convert into a vegetarian if I lived in India. American vegetarian food is boring – these foods look unctuous, savory, and spicy. My stomach is growling. I have to ask, do you both finish off the meal off-camera? I couldn't film this and not taste them!

  8. I love the sight of this blog. The food are delicious looking. Wondering where to get them near me if possible. Am hitting the mamak's later to satisfy my craving. At least am getting a murtabak to tame my taste bud.

  9. Hahaa.. that scooter at 5:00 forgot his wallet and stopped suddenlly..
    And the most major food that I see is 8:24 ,, it is almost same in Malaysia food call 'Murtabak Jawa'.. well Asian are so similar 🙂

  10. Hi Sheena and Thomas. good delicious Indian food tour. good new, you guy not staying too long in Mumbai. Give you guy 2 thumbs up to eat Indian street foods but not me, too dirty

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