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“Money and Politics” – Peter Schweizer

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  1. Dispersed and corruption inside Clinton and Obama years.

    The crisis of destruction and divided in America today from scandals "Clinton Cash, Clinton Foundation" and "Secret Empires" still uncovering.

    Actually, American politician's has been divided American society today more than ever before, on culture, religious, education, economic.., especially on issues 'Illegall immigrants laws'.
    Therefore, all that issues will increase more problems for American in long-term.

    Apparently, abused power, obstruction of justice, misconduct and corrupted Judicial system of the U.S. politicians inside 'Washington Beltways' today is dispersed, unstable divided America's still sibling and intolerance.
    Consequently, destruction the structures, culture leadership of America and badly damaged, infection of the American Democracy system on the issues anti- corruption.

    However, If a man or a person have not regretted for crimes or mistakes, theirs had in the past that person is, inhuman and untrustworthy.

    Note: Regularly and, usually, the people say; the corruption of politicians, banks and big corporations.., don't care about National Debt Crisis (America Debt Ceiling). Only their care is making profits and wins, that is the precisely for their own sakes…

  2. In all this exposure of corruption not one word about the medical mafia and corruption with big pharma and the "health" care industry.Maybe he's on their till.

  3. Love it. Great show. Just like pro-wrestling was when I was a kid. But the reality of it comes at 41:47 when a nice lady in a yellow coat stands up and advises Peter Schweizer to watch his back, Schweizer and his family as well. The truth, as I most humbly see it, is that anyone in the public arena who get close to upsetting this multi-trillion dollar confidence game will soon "sleep with the fishes." So, what is the genuine motive of Peter Schweizer and others who are in the game of outing the bad guys?

  4. Well, unfortunately Bernie WAS bought. Did he leave and run as an independent, or did he bow to Crooked Hillary?
    He not only bowed, but bent over, pulled down his pants and asked her to 'be gentle with me'.
    He goes on to say that we should elect Hillary to keep Trump from being elected. In other words, lets elect a KNOWN corrupt politician who I'm totally against instead of voting for someone who COULD be the one to change things.
    If that's not 'selling out', I don't know what is….

  5. To the list of things politicians shouldn't be allowed to do after leaving office he should add that anyone who has been president their spouse or family member is not eligible. Stop the idea of family dynasties.

  6. As for Hitlery Criminalinton? THEE WORST war criminal Sec State since war criminal Kissinger and aside from Shrub Bush…THEE WORST thing We The People could ever have BACK in the white house because for me? I'm getting rather sick of seeing traitors calling themselves President for all the living ones anyway. YES CARTER TOO!

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