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Monkey on a Motorbike

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  1. ED FOSTER MADE THIS COMMENT ON THIS VIDEO :Blacks should be required to wear shackles, when not caged. All blacks need to be caged, they are too hyperviolent. RACIST AND RACISM PLAYS NO PART IN THE WHOLE THING..

    There are so many monkeys living this way in asain countries, its upseting to see some shackled on chains, even though alot are not, they perform by force and punish.. this dude makes money from porbable taking this monkey as a baby from its natural environment for a life time of slavery, i do know that some monkeys as they grow into adulthood, become unpredictable and can attack.. thats bad luck for the ignorant fucktard who chained them………………………………………….

  2. You can see the man loves the monkey and the monkey stayed by him did not go to the end of the leash to be away from him. Things could be a great deal better. However, I was thinking how do you feel about your little girls in ballet standing on their tip toes, Pain, unnatural or how about any sport.

  3. For fuck's sake ATTACH THE CHAIN TO THE BIKE, NOT AROUND THE ANIMALS NECK! You may be "disadvantaged" in life but you're obviously not a moron. If you need a leash on him then use an actual LEASH FOR AN ANIMAL instead of the chain you got off an old swing-set you found in the dumpster. For being yanked around by the neck with a chain, THE MONKEY deserves the improvement in quality of life. NOT YOU.

  4. also your logic isn't working too. He said in the video, he make sure that the monkey is in good health, and didn't you see him the way he fed the monkey and love the monkey? You animal hipsters does not give a single thought about the humans themselves. He lives on the street, he cannot get a proper job because he is uneducated. He earns money just to feed himself and the monkey but he cannot buy what he wants. Which one is worst? a monkey actor or hiring labour that works for long hours?

  5. This is how this guy makes a living, americans dont kno how bad it is in other countries… He's lucky to have got this monkey to get himself by, think about this poor human being not the monkey

  6. Cigarettes are dirt cheap there. Buying a pack of smokes is like buying a 5 pack of gum here. You sir, fail for the ignorance you bestow upon yourself. Just because something costs so much here, doesn't mean it costs so much there.

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