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My Worst Texting Story

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  1. Once I was talking to some guy. And we were talking about some things like psychology, biology and stuff. Like pretty serous conversation. And I used the word "организм" (I'm Russian) which means organism or system and my autocorrect made a word "онанизм" out of this (this word means masturbate). It was not actually awkward but our serious conversation became very funny and not so serious at once

  2. I just recently met this guy on campus and he asked me for my Snapchat and so he had been snapchating me a little and I wasn’t responding but one day I decided to respond and he was like asking me if I was free on Tuesday (which is the day I was going on a date with this other guy) and I’m like “no I’m not actually” because I don’t want to answer back saying I’m going on a date when he’s asking me on a date. So he responds “oh do you have to work?” And I’m like “no I just have other stuff going on” and he’s like “what other stuff” so I’m like ah this is going to be so awkward but I just responded “well I have class and I’m going on a date” it took him like 5 mins to respond and said “ayyyy that’s cool make sure he pays” ahhhhh we haven’t talked since 😂😂😂

  3. I met this guy and we started texting and I found his Facebook page and sent a screenshot of it to my cousin but after sending I realised I sent it to the guy whose Facebook I just screenshot 😂 went from saying "this is him" to " this Is you*" bahahaha…FAIL

  4. So once I was “talking” to this guy but then nothing ever came out of it but he would always text me whenever he needed advice and so I started screen shotting his messages. So one day I went to go text my best friend to rant about how much he annoyed me and how I hated when he would only talk to me when he needed something and I sent the screenshot to her. Then, five minutes later I went to go read her response and then I had realized I had SENT IT TO A GROUP CHAT WITH THE GUY AND ALLL OF OUR FRIENDS IN IT. So yeah that was the time I exposed a guy to all of his friends. Fun times I love my life 🤗

  5. Once I was chatting with my friend about how annoying my then boyfriend was, and asking her about how should I break up with him because I had a crush on someone else. I accidentally took screenshots and sent them to my boyfriend… He broke up with me lol

  6. my friend had a crush on this guy who she thought liked him back
    he would always ask her where she was if she was sick and say things like are you feeling better?
    he would also ask her who she liked.
    my friend took these acts of a friend as love and then said, "you 3>"
    turns out he doesn't like her back. my friend was so embarassed and told him to not tell anyone.
    guess what? he accidentally sends he a screenshot of their conversation and then says, "oops"
    all his friends showed her the screenshot and asked her if it was true

  7. In the car when I listen to music I’ll send random lyrics to my sister and I sent her “HORNY WITH THE SICKNESS” (don’t ask, I listen to trash music) except I sent it to my dad who was also in the car

  8. I was once reading messages about assignments from our teacher in our college whatsapp group. I put my phone down and burp A LOUD. When i saw my whatsapp again it recorded my LOUD BURP..JUST MY LOUD BURP and it was seen by teacher .
    Who send a laughing emogis and asked WHAT..

    I WAS LIKE am sorry my brother is messing up with my phone.

    It was before you could delete your sended messages.

    So yeah my loud burp was heard by around 250 students and teachers.

  9. i have a friend named lets call him peter and he liked me so me being me rejected him this girl we will call her . . . Brittany she liked peter and he rejected her and i got a laugh out of the situation and one day she said " honestly he can go f*** a pole"
    Me: 😂😂😂
    aperently he rejected her by saying " i dont date hoes" i rolled over dieing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. one time i was talking to this girl and things got heated. she started to call me names, i returned the favor but my reply ended up going to my pastor and it was laced with F bombs!!!!! no church for me for about a month. all was forgiven. i told him they were song lyrics lol then i asked for forgiveness for lying to the pastor.

  11. One time I was trying to send this dude a Happy Birthday text so I go “FU for not texting me back but happy birthday” and this guy and my supervisor had the same name so I ended up sending it to my supervisor instead of my friend. And the funny part is that it happened to be my supervisors birthday too.

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