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Narcissistic Parents: Effect of Fathers on their Children – Part 1

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  1. My father is an insensitive asshole of a man that keeps calling my autistic brother a "fucking retard". My brother has no other chance then to live with my parents, he is quiet, just plays video games and loves drawing. He has no escape other than to get abused. I tried to help him, set him up here or there…he is too "funtional" it seems for authorities to HELP him, he is really smart, but really sick. He throws up a lot and has digestive issues cause of the sensory overload, and nice old father keeps killing him with "either the streets or MY RULES". Nevertheless these rules entail him loving to treat him like shit. my brother has no options. He cries daily, sits in a small room fit for a child while he is almost 6'2, has the sweetness of a child but the size of a boxer. Father will say things like, "u will die alone cause u are a failure". My mother is a fat bitch who drinks wine. I came home and found out my brother hadnt cut his hair since nine months, was in the same little room, had black spots on his legs from sitting to much., gotten so fat he now has health issues, …what do my parents do? they lie that they treat him good but he is a "pain in the ass". The neighbourhood actually thinks he is the problem. He is so scared from beating and whatnot of my parents that he doesnt even dare to come out his room. His room is empty. I mean empty as in "broomstick closet" small and empty. So u know what is going here. I fucking hate "parents". They are rich enough to travel five countries, have two houses but my brother will die a young death of solitude. My father, when confronted, said: " look, he'll not live long but it's not like he's happy anyway". These are actual people running around, legally, and nobody can do a thing. We tried everything from the police to whatever, and dad and his friendly copbuddies beat the shit out of my brother the night i called to "save" him cause he was in complete distress and in a panic attack. He gets these as he gets older cause nobody listens to him and he's trapped. So he started throwing books at a wall, nothing more, cause my mother hit him five to six times over the head, which he can take without flinching , but he was scared. I instantly regret calling cause i knew dad has psycho baby boomer friends like himself in our local shitty neighbourhood. They beat him senseless over his body (not the face), and then they told him to shut up or dad will put him "in a closet". My brother will thell u this like he's telling you what movie he saw. I had no idea, cause my parents are psychopaths. They lie, lie lie lie…These are actual police officers. I fucking hate, hate, hate, hate any shitty parent that walks this earth and i hope the devil himself will rise up out of his masterfull throne and hurt them all with the greatest pain life has to offer. Fucking die, old insufferable, ugly cunts

  2. "If you don't deal with the past, your past will deal with you"

    "Narcism is a childhood wound never resolved"

    One question: 'why do people circumcise their child, given the clearcut info you share and how do I proceed in healing from trauma caused by a surprise unwanted childhood circumcision?'

  3. 100% my father is narcisist abusive toxic grandiose , he has 3 emotions hate , envy , negativity. he belive in things verry easy
    something like he needs seconds from i belive to i know he cant make difference from belive and knowing he thinks what is in hes mind is reality evrytime he make a negative asumption about someone he is like i belive u did that or did that actualy i know u did that this is insane and other people dont know how he is in reality is so much negative so blaming for little things and outside of family people thinks he is a good person and he is defenely not a good person he is so bad he serching argumention all day long

  4. I have been battling the effects of a narcissistic father for years. The sense of disconnect is profound and seemingly insurmountable. At present I am on an all consuming quest to be whole, searching and searching for the answers so I can have a full life. I'm too old for children now, but maybe one day I will have the ability to love and be loved. Thank you for your video.

  5. I can identify with a lot of what was said. Im cordoal with my dad but try and keep some distance, even though I'm loving with him for now .There have been times where we've gotten into it becaose he can be very critical.and insulting towards me.

  6. she says fathers were not mirrored and emotionally supported so they cant offer emotion, well then why are we all able to feel pain and empathy and we came from monsters, ? some of our narcs were fucking monster spawn from hell, I don't care if it is nature or nurture, the only person I wish to have zero sympathy is for the truly toxic evil narc, they should all be lined up and executed, fuck understanding them, it took my years to get to no contact and true healing and funny thing is im not as angry as I sound, you must accept reality to change it, I suppose some narcs are less dangerous and nightmarish as my father, so maybe you still want to understand them but I can not

  7. All narcissism is caused by an overly strict and unaligned religion and historic brainwashing with unaligned belief systems. If we serve love, we serve ourselves inner peace. But purity is another word which must not be used on anyone other than the child within.

  8. I am so grateful for your shows. I have a question. My father is a malignant narcissist, and I have remained low contact. I have a cousin who was molested by her father (my uncle) and my dad told me (nastily, of course) that “she deserved it and wanted it.” Naturally, I was appalled and told him that he is sick and I was done with him (btw, I have a two year old daughter so there is no way in hell he will be around us.) He has always been sexually “off” with gross comments, it is sad that it took me this long to go no contact. My question is, do narcissistic people have a weird thing with sex, or could he be comorbid with something else? Or is he a psychopath? I know this is a loaded question, but I would love your insight on this.

  9. How do i know if my mom or dad is the narcassits or is it both please help i need to help my two little brothers i feel oblagated because im the oldest son

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