New Poll Says Bernie Sanders Is LOVED By More Than Just Leftists

If you were ready to count Bernie Sanders out, think again. It turns out that more than just leftists love his politics. Michael Brooks and the Majority Report crew discuss this.

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—Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders might have lost his 2016 bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, but he certainly won a number of supporters along the way.

To wit: A new poll released Wednesday by YouGov showed that a majority of Democrats want candidates in 2018 to be more like the independent, democratic socialist candidate.

The polling firm asked: “Do you wish the candidates who run for Congress this year will be more or less like Bernie Sanders?”

A full 57 percent of Democratic respondents said “more like Bernie Sanders” in response. Sixteen percent said less while 27 percent responded “not sure.” Not surprisingly, Sanders was less popular with conservatives. Only 13 percent of Republicans said they wanted candidates to be more like Sanders, while 74 percent said less. Independents were split. Twenty-seven percent said more like Sanders, while 35 percent said less, and 38 percent said “not sure.” —


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New Poll Says Bernie Sanders Is LOVED By More Than Just Leftists

Comments 34

  1. Wait whaaaat? Funny, this is what many have been saying since 2016 while the media and establishment Dems keep parroting about how they need to be less liberal… more centrist….ya know… anything to win over Republicans, which is who they want as their base for some reason. Someone please show this to the major news outlets.

    Also…QUICK! Tell Jamie she's wrong Every time she speaks! 1, 2, 3 GO!

  2. I worked the primaries in Philadelphia canvassing African-American voters. All the younger ones knew Bernie and were enthusiastically voting for him. The older ones had barely heard of him and some even didn't think he was running as a Democrat. When you talked about his policies, they were totally in favor. If you poll older African-American voters now, they are very much in favor of him. One reason for the time lag with older A-A voters is that most of them get their news from TV which was not covering Bernie during the 2016 primary.

  3. Hillary was popular with the black community, specifically older black people did to name rec. As a black female Bernie supporter I felt completely erased by the msm.

  4. If Bernie runs as an independent in 2020, he wins.
    It's that simple.
    The only reason he ran as a democrat in 2016, was the get exposure from the network media. But network media shit all over him anyways. Not only that, but he eliminated a good portion of registered independents, who wanted to vote for him, but couldn't, because they weren't registered democrats.
    Bernie will not make these mistakes again. 46% of voters in this country are registered independents, while 27% are registered democrats, and 23% are registered republicans. Agian, if Bernie runs as an independent, he will win.

  5. Burnie. He's honest. He cares about peoples rights. He wants everyone to have a decent life. He's selfless. He's not just a rare politician. He's a rare human being.

  6. The biggest opportunity to capture votes, as Alexandria clearly showed us, are the disenfranchised people who couldn't or didn't vote. They found both options (Hillary/Trump) too repugnant and vile.

  7. Man, I feel like I need to say this every video. Let. Jamie. Speak. She is constantly getting cut off before making her point. Whilst it seems Matt gets to make his uninterrupted. Sort it out guys, confront your unconscious biases.

  8. SOCIALISM……, there's ONLY one form of it. "FROM those with the ability, TO those with the need" and…. it eventually leads to tyranny. Also, thought of this recently, under a socialist, and YES, he is a socialist, a RICH socialist, the internet will be ALTERED. It takes PEOPLE, who get PAID to maintain it, and advertisers who pay them. It's amazing how many people think that their lives be better under socialist rule.

  9. Holy shit, this segment was pure and utter spin. The main and obvious takeaway from this poll wasn't every addressed: more people want less Bernie-like candidates! Sad, but true. I need to stop falling for these click-bait titles.

  10. I’m so sick of the Berniephelia. A recent poll asked for democratic presidential candidates. People put Joe Biden first, then Hillary Clinton followed by Bernie, then Elizabeth Warren. Kamala Harris was an also mention. That is the guy that’s the great hope for the party?

  11. Nope, I want Democrats to be a whole lot less like Sanders – he's a bloviating con man just like the orange con man. And, I've voted almost exclusively for Democrats my entire voting history which is almost 47 years. I will never support a far left wing fringe person like Sanders just like I'll never support a republican, a third party, nor a libertarian. I will always remain a Democrat like Hillary even though I'm a tiny bit further left than her but not much – loud mouths like Sanders are a turn off for me – also people who pander to gullible like he does are a turn off for me – and those who live in some fantasy land utopia like Sanders are a turn off for me.

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