Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic on Punk, Politics, & Why He Dumped the Dems

Krist Novoselic is best known as the co-founder and bassist of Nirvana, one of the most influential music groups of the past quarter century. The release of the …


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Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic on Punk, Politics, & Why He Dumped the Dems

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  1. Its too bad you won't see this Krist, but check out Vermin Supreme. Anarcho-Collectivist. His actual name is Vermin Love Supreme, been trolling politics and politicians and the presidential races for like 30 years. and I'm 37, so… a LONG time for me! I think he's around your age, hell, you've met him, I know you have and if not you at least KNOW of him. Everything you're saying I've heard from him and his fans. Its reassuring knowing there's people like him and people who like him but I feel isolated, all there is is lil social justice warriors in this town- and they are all like that Meredith girl who interviewed you on MTV not long ago. She's from around here, I knew her for about 3-4 months… Something in her and everyone else broke inside sometime around the end of 2008, beginning of 2009… But anyway, Vermin's followers talk about various forms of elections, like run-off voting, etc… I wanna see you hang out with Vermin SUpreme Krist, please make a video with Vermin!!!

  2. what he should be know for best is knowingly supporting kurt's murderers by lying about the suicide mythology, when he knew all along the kurt was murdered and by whom. and he should be known for doing this because he was paid by courtney to support her after she killed kurt. that is what this bitch should be best known for.

  3. he knew all along that kurt was murdered and by whom. yet he spent 20 years supporting the murderers in the suicide mythology that he knew was a lie. he did that because he was bought by courtney to support her. why would you want this untrustworthy liar who betrayed his classmate, bandmate, etc etc, to have any position in public service. he spent 20 years misinforming the public for personal financial gain. disgusting. deeply disgusting and horrifying.

  4. I love hearing him speak. Back in the day I remember not knowing anything about him, really, because the world was so obsessed with Kurt and Dave. But Krist is so articulate, so intelligent. I wish I'd heard that back then.

  5. "I believe that what's going to happen is, one day, someone is going to find the sweet spot between social networking and political organization, and that person is going to capture the imagination. Then they are going to transcend the current thinking of politics; of what you can, and can't do." –Krist Novoselic (2014)

    He was right. That person has already come to pass. That person is Donald Trump.

  6. excellent and well-informed interview.

    nirvana was the right band in the right place at the right time – a cultural phenomenon. i don't think it is any coincidence that the rock and roll cultural revolution ran parallel with the election of what was then considered a liberal/progressive president, especially after 12 years of republican oppression. it was in the air – people were ready to explode.

    the resistance had been percolating in the underground for years via "alternative" bands/music that gave rise to the DIY ethos and independent record labels, not only in the US with labels such as SST, touch and go, homestead, twin tone et al., but across the globe with 4AD and mute (UK) and red eye/black eye and missing link (australia). bands like REM, the replacements, sonic youth, and jane's addiction opened the door in the '80s for nirvana and the "grunge" explosion in the '90s

    kurt's suicide was symbolic in much the same way that altamont had been to the peace/love generation. and it is a milestone in that it marks the end of an era – the last great and significant cultural upheaval in the united states.

    the US is long overdue for another significant cultural revolution of sorts. the sort of reaction that so-called anti-establishment presidential candidate bernie sanders is getting, particularly from the youth, indicates that we are in the brink of such a cultural revolution, but who knows when, in exactly what form, and to what degree it will take place is anyone's guess. the hateful, racist, and aggressive reaction that the other so-called anti-establishment presidential candidate, donald trump, is endearing from an older, less-educated, and predominantly white electorate reflects a completely different and positively frightening beast altogether.

  7. he is such pointless bullshit, he never says one way or another if he supports stricker background checks or not. i mean he is just politically revolting showing the lobbyists how he dodges a question, but in the real world, not dopeily gaping at him cuz he is nirvana, in the real world he would be laughed off the stage. forget about politics. stick with music.

  8. he wasn't high on heroin, he was incapacitiated by it and would have not been able to roll his sleeves down (his sleeves were rolled down) put his kit away and shoot a shotgun to his mouth which he would have needed to do with this toe because the barrel is too long for his arm to reach the trigger. it was impossible for him to kill himself. it has been proven that he was killed . you suck bad. you suck bad. at lease the other guy, dave grohl keeps his mouth shut and doesn't support the suicide mythology. you give me the chills, you would be the perfect slimy politician. total slim bullshit. horrow show. supporting that murderer who killed your friend from youth, your bandmate, the person who made you rich. the person who made you who you are.

  9. he was't ripped. he was murdered and you know it and you uspport the murderers and you have consisitently for years and that is because your collusion was bought by cl. you are transparent.

  10. how was the fact that he used drugs influence whether or not he was too beautiful for this world. so he did drugd, so did you so did i so did the other guy asking he question what i your fucking point and what does kurt have done drugs have to do with whether was too beautiful for this world you suck the way you don't answer a question honestyly you will be a crappy politician like all of them the perfect arena for you perfect , a politician

  11. you know he was killed. so what he was under pressure, you think that proves something, have you ever been under pressure what are you takling about bullshit asshole bullshit person who was never his freiend at least stop talking bllshit you konw he did not kill himself he was murdered and you support the murderers every time you liled about him having committed suicide like using drugs or being under pressure was a good reason to kill himself you are a lier.

  12. die young stay pretty. yeah that is exactly what he was thinking when courtney murdered him. so what he used drugs, so did you. you lived. so what, he did drugs. and you are still advocating for the murderers . you don't like that kurt is lionized because you sold him out when courtney bought you that why you bring him up like this. and then blame him for his death when you KNOW he was murdered. do you really think his fans don't notice how you support her when you know better. a t least dave keeps his mouth shut about how he died.

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