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Nokia Lumia 920 hands-on demo

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  1. @tfjoxai Yeah this site is just sending out 100% free White Apple iPad 2's for today only. But you do have to be from the U.S though but it's all real, I claimed mine just before. Get in quick!

  2. In the UK we're stuck with EE on their new 4G LTE network, even in their most expensive plan which is about $90/m you still have to pay an extra $30 for the 920 and you're getting 8GB data allowance. Nokia goes and decides to make the phone exclusive to this network for 6 months with the added option of extending that exclusivity. I'm getting a Galaxy Note II at the end of the month. This 920 can crush n burn for all i care.

  3. @car9melo it doesn't look like it i mean the htc and ativ wp8 phones will also be sold by at&t and everyone else so 920 exclusivity makes no sense at all.

  4. yes it pains me to see the crap marketing Microsoft and all their partners do for Windows phones
    also the lack of carrier support
    i mean are they actually trying to break in or what

  5. I live in the UK but I still don't understand how Nokia can make this 920 AT&T exclusive in the USA. I thought their plan was to break into the US market so wouldn't putting all your eggs in one basket seem a bit stupid and a marketing blunder? It feels like someone at Nokia is trying to make intentional serious mistakes in order to kill the company. As it stands, even the iPhones and Galaxies are sold by numerous vendors. AT&T is also selling the Ativ and HTC wp8 devices, stupid Nokia.

  6. mee too i so badly want this but i got 1 problem unlike you i dont have the money ahahahha would it hurt your pocket if you'll be buying two of the 920? i'll pay for the shipping fee here in the Philippines LOL ahahah

  7. the fact that alot of apple and android fanboys (samsung in particular) hates, mocks or says the lumia 920 has no future shows that it is a phone worth the market share. c'mon people the WINDOWS os is too young to be disliked. i personally liked it. well people just have different tastes but IGNORANCE just because of a company name or branding is never a way to tell a phones' quality and performance :))

  8. i said that the s3 has hdr which would improve the look of those pics which look nothing like what ive taken with my s3. i compared these things because its a windows mobile and nobody buys them really. To finish off, app store… say nada.

  9. This is little awkward but.. Lumia 920 isn't out there yet so where have you used it already to compare it – for example the music player? If Samsung so believes S3 is the greatest, why are they already having a huge hurry to announce a new model at Q1/2013? Sounds to me they are not sure about the S3's success ;). BTW, it's not HDR technique they're using for the low light, how did you come up with that? Check out Engadget's review on the camera.

  10. lol okay mr nokia *sniff sniff. listen carefully i will say this once and once only. the s3 has a better os, processor, screen (in terms of colour, actual viewing experience, and feel), apps, size, browser, music player, hdr camera those demo night shots are bs, better social integrating, notification bar, google now, s voice, and better quality video recording in terms of picture and many more. if i need maps ill just use my super fast s3 internet to use google maps or some shit.

  11. Just that Lumia 920 has higher PPI, probably more faster screen too, not mention about the new pureview camera with OIS (S3 loses 10-1), offline maps.. Game, set, match, Nokia. Thank you.

  12. @gamer7790 Why cuz I was tired when I wrote that comment it was 4:00 in the morning I at a red light pulled my phone out its long light watched some YouTube and commented dumbass I'm sorry if Idont spell check my comment

    -bigger screen
    -more memory
    -better camera
    -more customizations
    and so LUMIA 920 HAS IT!
    a bit of patience and CYAN will appear.

  14. Good. But why not include in from start? Its a poor strategy. and feel sry for people who like this phone and have to get the yellow or red or another color just because nokia fuck it up. when you are a underdog which nokia surely is today you have to bring the best of you and the strongest card available from start. the things they do are stupid.

  15. There have been hints from Nokia that there will be a cyan version. If you look for the Red Bull nokia exclusive app video (it's in nokia's channel) in one part the 920 is landscape right in the middle of the screen, and for a millisecond the color flickers from yellow to cyan.

  16. man I just dont fucking get nokia. those who run the company must be some untalented people. why remove a color that was so popular and introduce yellow which is less popular? They are fucking running this down. get cyan back! Fire those idiots who keeps doing this simple mistakes all the time. small mistakes which stacks is a big problem.

  17. you have to remember that when Nokia releases a flagship phone they think about stuff like design and practicality. having a quad core for performance that just isn't that noticeably different from a dual core isn't practical for nokia or for the consumer. And since the windows phone 8 doesn't have the same flexibility as android or the old symbian OS there really is no need. however, expect a higher-end phone from them next year.

  18. Dude first of all its a phone and doesnt need a quad core. Also its not going to be so much better with a quad core. I say they choose right. The processor they choose is amazing. It will run just as well if it had a quad core. Also not everything is about how many cores u have. Also it going to save a lot of battery. The phone is very fast. Iphone 5 has a dual core as well. Plus windows 8 phone OS is very good software and thats whats going to make it fast as well.

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