Oculus Rift helps man with 2D vision see 3D

The Oculus Rift helped James Blaha see 3D for the first time in his life. Now his Kickstarter company Diplopia is using virtual reality to help other people with vision disorders.


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Oculus Rift helps man with 2D vision see 3D

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  1. I can't wait to get the oculus. I'm blind in my right eye, blurry vision my left eye focuses more than my right eye I've had this since I was born. I've tried gear vr and the 3d works after a bit. So I'm not sure what it is doing, but I know the oculus has better res so I'm hoping it will at least make my weak eye work a little harder.

  2. Where can I find more information on this. I have mild Amblyopia (Left eye is corrected to 20/25) but it is my goal to fly for the military. If I can get my eye trained enough to read one more line on the vision test I can achieve a dream I have had since I was six years old. Seriously any information on this or other methods to treat adults with Amblyopia. Thank you in advance.

  3. Yeah but right now, you cant get it.  He  seems to have changed his goal of helping the masses. "Vivid Vision is currently only available in North American eye clinics. We are currently expanding and hope to see it in international clinics later this year."   Seems like I am a year too late.  I dont know why it was available to the masses if they contributed but know locked to VT clinics.I dont have VT close. It is an hour drive to one and they dont have this.  Nor do I think they would reduce their $150 per 30 min fee for VT.  It is a shame he could not live up to his goal of helping those who want it and cant or wont go to a VT therapist.

  4. I see in 2d. I'm just so curious what 3d even is because to me I can see in 3d even though I know I can't. Even if it's a slight difference I just have no idea. The benefit I guess is drawing comes extremely easily to me.

  5. What sucks is that I have this.. I think I see 3D.. I'm pretty sure I do, but if I don't, how would I know? .. My right eye is 20/20, with both my eyes exposed, I see 20/20 because right one takes over.. But with only my left eye exposed.. Everything is blurry-ish.. It's kind of like trying to watch a 3D tv without the glasses .. :/

  6. Kind of crazy to think that i have a lazy eye and I remember wearing a patch. To think that if it hadn't worked I couldn't see 3D. Edit: that being said i still suck at catching things <_<

  7. Would love to know more. As a lazy eye and ex-patch wearer just like the guy in the video I'm very interested in this software even if it means buying a oculus just for this. Great find and think you for sharing.

  8. I have a weak eye that people say they don't notice until I mention it, or they see me really tired or drunk. Now that I stare at my ipad everyday up close for a couple years, I think it's gotten better. I've been leaning toward surgery for a few years now and I was ready to do it early next year, but I'll wait for this.

  9. I am completely blind in my right eye, have been for 14 years now. I wonder what Head mounted VR would look like to me. I've learned to compensate for my lack of depth perception, but it's still really difficult. 

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