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Paper lives: Little Printer and the rebirth of the hard copy

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  1. I don't know why so many people are complaining…don't want it? Don't buy it. And hey, it's just like a newspaper. Do you know how many are printed, and how nobody reads them anymore because of the glorious internet? Maybe we should be focusing on the thousands of peices of papers getting wasted instread of a couple inches of paper.

  2. People say, hey why don't you just get these updates digitally.
    Society is really becoming disconnected with the real world. Technology works in marvelous ways, but there is a point where people are just too into it.
    Little Printer really brings back reality I think by putting something super engaging and interesting into your hands. I've followed the story of Little Printer from the day it was announced and I love the idea. You honestly have to use it to get the right experience.

  3. look you gave it a go but im afraid no one wants this son think about it think about the future of your company and your life and the house you own right now 5 months down the line thoughs things will not longer be in your possession the bank will take it all

  4. Bad idea on how it is used. It should just be used for receipts for intuit, paypal or square. I would use it for a receipt printer on a mobile phone/tablet credit card app.

  5. For those of you saying this little guy is killing trees, obviously you've never worked at a resteraunt. And it's inkless.

    That being said, this thing is stupid. I can think of one use for it, give it to old people at nursing homes.

  6. Oh yeah! You mean the Brit who supposedly made a tiny computer program with seven other people which isn't exactly the web we know today? Yeah that guy.

  7. who would go through all the trouble of creating content in this silly new format only for this device ? i dont really see a future for this sorry !! 😛

  8. it is awesome in my opinion, i'd love to get one, BUT the price is waaaay to high, i tink it should be $100 or less AND also get more… a LOT more of content to print, it has very poor content, i'd love the idea of rss feeds and a way to print pretty much anything from any app on an iPhone

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