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People Share Their Social Media Horror Stories

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  1. insta needs to make liking a post more than 2 taps. I accidentally liked my crushes insta by double tapping. I DOUBLE TAPPED BY ACCIDENT I NEED IT TO BE 4 taps for this reason thanks.

  2. I DRUNK sent naughty pics to the WRONG DAMN JAY and I found out the next day 12 hours later I was super embarrassed I had to delete that entire conversation and BLOCK the WRONG DAMN JAY 😂😂😂😂

  3. So, while we were visiting my husband's family. My sister in law gets this invite to be a friend of this person on Facebook who she has never met. This girl that says thr girl claims that she knows her so she asked my husband is this girl looks familiar because he knows some of the people she's friends with. We ask a whole bunch of people and no one seems to know who she is so we decide to try to start cat fishing and tried to look up her picture see if we can Google search it to figure out who she is. Because it totally looked like a cat fish page she had hardly any pictures with anybody else she was only 10 people's friends and even the posts that she has posted to her page seemed very fake, but in this time frame we find out that supposedly this girl got in a car accident that day and died. But at this point we still don't know who she is or even if she's a real person. We are thinking at this point oh my gosh if she is a real person this is terrible someone needs to know who she is and what happened. So we continue to try to figure out who this person is and in the process my husband by accident tags me and her photo to then in fact have her cousin who supposedly took over her Facebook page starts attacking my sister-in-law saying is this a game is this funny to you my cousin just died in a car accident why are you tagging your random relatives in this picture. We still to this day don't know if this girl was real or not. So either this was just a very funny story that we got out of all this or we're pretty crapy people. So note to self watch out for the tag button, and be way more cautious when you're trying to snap a pic to be able to Google image search it.

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