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Pharma Not in Business of Health, Healing, Cures, Wellness

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  1. FYI : After being on Effexor for about 7 years, my husband decided one day that it was not helping him and he quit taking it – Cold Turkey.. He had no withdrawal symptoms that I could notice, and he never mentioned any.. He just went about his business as usual, and never looked back..(He stopped in 2011).. So, Stopping IS possible !.. I think so much of it is what you tell yourself about your ability to simply stop taking it and moving on… Inner dialog is extremely powerful…..That said, I bought Gwen's book 4 years ago.. If you've ever taken ONE pill or liquid Rx, you need to read her book !.. Everyone should read it !

  2. The worst thing that happened to our mental health was the psychopharma industrial complex figured out they could make money off it. Snake oil!

  3. Too bad that there is such a conspiracy between health care providers and the pharmaceutical industry. And no where is this more apparent than in the US. This is not healthcare, this is business. A very well presented case which will be suppressed by these businesses.

  4. Yepper – You might've found it strange that all doctors and phamarceutical companies deny the effect of using natural herbal such Cordyceps, Papaya leaves..etc to control cholesterol , cancer treatment..etc. They just said there's no proven track record for those natural herbals actually treat anything – "your mileage might vary"Try papaya leaves, use dried papaya leaves as tead, a long term period use will help to correct A LOT and LOT of things in your body include cancer prevention!!

  5. Is Gwen still alive? Have they killed her yet for speaking out? Since so much of what she say's has started coming to light from other sources, it'd be great to hear something current.

  6. Pharmaceutical is just one industry that is affected with the current trend of world selfishness.

    This is how the world works right now….unfortunately.

    Have the guts to look at the truth about what is happening with the world right now…From terrorism, to weather changes, polluted rivers, and poor leaders. Do not live in a little bubble and let your aim be to carve out some quick name, fame, and wealth for yourself before the boat sinks (the world is the boat).

    Hope that we can do a professional job to serve the people–not just for rising up and becoming "important" in the eyes of others, and not just for being financially successful.

    Have the courage to open your eyes and see the world, as it is–the world we are living in. At least we can be honest about it, and at least we can pray. We are fortunate enough to have the luxury to be in a bubble….we are a minority, and the world is fast changing….

    The current ways are of fear, greed, and quest for self-importance, name, and fame on a sinking ship.
    Can we be a part of the solution to the world problems? It can start as simple as being a source of joy, strength, and courage for the people around you, knowing that you are in a fortunate situation, reflecting on the world situation every day, and praying for the good of the whole.

    Open your eyes every day.
    Are you aware of what is going on?
    Put everything into perspective.


  7. i was on painkillers for more than 2 years for my back,i couldn't stop,my doctor gave it to me even from her drawer without prescription.after a while it was not only my back in trouble,yet she kept giving me the drugs and increased the dose..oxy, percocet, tramadex..anything but a health went down hill,if i didn't take the drugs i became very angry,my hole body felt like its going to explode from pain.
    i asked weed and she said i'm not suitable for the profile.

    i stoped going to this doctor and got my weed after long fight.two months after i started with the weed i stoped taking painkillers.
    now i get treatments,i'm not 100%,still big problems,but i'm more alive,i don't feel all is lost.
    thank you for this video,my faith in humanity is not lost still.
    wish people wake the f#$^ up already! they are killing us,nice and slowly and the worse part? WE LIKE IT.WE ARE OBLIVIOUS!

  8. i was on 4 medications at the same time for severe mental illness,so i took up meditation,meditation and meditation,tai chi,raiki,accupunture,yoga,tremor therapy not shocktreament,altho i did have 12 shocktreaments,almost 3 years have past and i'm nearly 100 percent

  9. So companies got the power to care cancer, but they do not want to do it because you would stop to buy drugs. If it is true. Wow! I am not even a medical student , but wow! read some articles related with some disieses and sounda very logical why they could not find a care. But who knows!!

  10. The problem is rooted in materialism (which is the notion that all is physical), and materialism is atheistic. Atheism, thanks for keeping people enslaved to the box of nature when there exists outside of the box a spiritual dimension. Think outside the box.

  11. You have no shred of awareness how deep this goes!  Try "Pilgrims Society" of London and New York for the answer.  Louis Susman chairs Edelman in Chicago, the worlds largest PR firm and Philip Lader chairs WPP in London the world's biggest ad agency—both members, as all Ambassadors to England are members.  The London branch features heirs of the old Chinese opium "trade" during which over 60 thousand tons (correct) of silver was drained out of 45 million opium addicts—that was England's plan for "recovering" the silver paid to China in centuries of trade over the "Silk Road" and by sea.  Many Pharma execs and directors over the years are members of The Pilgrims, including Elmer Bobst of Warner Lambert, a "mentor" of President Nixon.  Edmund Pratt of Pfizer was in the leaked list for 1980 and ex Federal Reserve chief William M. Martin Jr., another MEMBER, was catapulted onto the Eli Lilly board.  It includes many USA and UK Pharma interests including the old-line Schieffelins, Vanderbilt relatives.  Pilgrims Society is sponsored by the British Royal family, history's largest landowners.

  12. I had a change of consciousness. -ie" I realized I would never make it on my looks. SO, I decided to read a lot and try to come off as smart. – I hope the DM that hired her was fired!

  13. It might sound harsh to some.. But  I would say: Eat healthy, get enough sleep, drink a lot of water, exercise at least a few times a week… And then you have the right to even entertain the though of popping pills to improve your health! Do the natural things first.

  14. She's right. When I go to my Doctor, I see notepads, pens and coffee mugs with logos of pharmaceutical companies on them. Sadly, Doctors can be bought, to the detriment of their patients. .  

  15. It's unfortunate just how many people do not discover that ADHD medications in fact are actually (meth)amphetamines. This is the reason I'm proudly sharing with you my short video on healing ADHD at the center through a scientifically proven application.

    My little sons awareness tremendously increased by simply exercising the working memory, and so I hope it will certainly be of help to you and others!

    All the very best,
    Robert Smith

  16. in response to the last statement, it just happened and there is nothing I can do about it but sit back and watch. Naturopathic medicine isn't even regulated in the state unfortunately.

  17. Reason I have left living in North America, back to basics in health care here in seeking a simple life, cooking my own meals and daily exercise…oh some of you r to  caught up in your life you do not follow your heart…do not follow others set your own path, educate yourself of what health challenges you have the internet is a tool that even the doctors have not time to research your challenge. Make life a challenge and see what small voice speaks with in you..peace be with you…my peace I leave with you…

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