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Political earthquake in Malaysia as opposition wins polls

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  1. God bless Malaysia,We want to be GOOD again…Not some corrupted Machine Country…

    Malaysian History Books be like:😱😱😱😱😁😁😁💓💓💓💓

  2. Good for Malaysia as a great nation! Good on you Mahathir, you did a fantastic job in getting rid of the corrupted evil dictator Najib who stole $ 5.8 billions from 1MDB! He has $600 miilion in his bank acct which he cant explain to the poor Malaysian people who suffered under him for high food/living costs , 10% GST ( prob he get 10% for himself!) on everything you buy, etc,etc,etc. Mahathir, arrest him/his wife and put them on trial for high treason against Malaysia and its people! Send them to jail thats where they belong! Never to be release again! Malaysia Boleh Lah!

  3. Congrats for malaysian people. U did the right things. Pray for us. As indonesians will held General Election 2019. We have the same government who bow to china direct invasion same as najib did.
    Long live malaysians. May we have great unity under the banner of islam & malay..

  4. I am so overwhelmed to see this great man back in power again. He truly a charismatic leader and deserve to be PM. Well done Malaysians. I wish more leaders like Dr Mahathir and Erdogan in muslims world

  5. Dlam crita boruto mreka ada hokage ke7 yg hebat iaitu hokage naruto..but in real life happen in malaysia allow me to introduce my 7th hokage my PM TUN D.MAHATHIR MOHAMMAD😍😍😘😚😙

  6. I think even the PH is caught off guard as well. They aim to capture few more states. But end up capturing the whole country. This is apparent when you look how they struggle to form a cabinet right now.

  7. Thank god he won. I was ready to move out of malaysia if he lost. 10 years with najib was bad enough but having him as a pm for 5 more years, yeah hell no. As much as i love malaysia, if i have to live under him for 5 more years i'd get out of there as fast as i can.

  8. Lets go boiss,this is what we are and this what we will be with our Tun to proceed a better future with a hope to our country. Make Malaysia great again. Hidup Rakyat,Hidup Malaysia!!!

  9. Tun Mahadir Love the Country and People Love
    Too Ours Country Ex PM Not Care the Country
    Soo People Take Mahadir Again for Help Malaysia Long Live Malaysia We Love Malaysia👍👍👍👍👍👋

  10. Who’s is the MAJORITY!!👋🤣……..Well done TUN!! 👏😄 Rahmat ALLAH bersama “PH” Inshaallah….The TRUTH will never DEFEAT!!👏😊

  11. Thank you, thank you so much. At first i didn't put any hope even if my big bro is one of your people at kelantan. I don't want to be hurt if you lose, but thank god you win. Thank you so much tun, i believe u can make malaysia rise once again

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