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Politics, Pizzagate & The Worldwide Pedo Ring

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  1. The evil satanic kabal is entrenched very deep and is everywhere. Human sacrifice has always been going on. It was exposed in the 80's in the Bush/Regan whitehouse with the underage call boys in the white house. Look up the case of Johnny Gosch it is tied into all this as well. Evil will always hide in darkness. It's all our jobs to expose it and bring it into the light. The truth is usually much worse than we can even comprehend. Great show, to bad Popeye was let go. He was a knowledgeable guy and will be sorely missed.

  2. Have you guys not seen the video with Uncle Joe doing a photo opp with a family of Demo donaters, he calls their tweeny daughter to come stand by him. The parents encourage the girl as well. Uncle Joe whispers in her ear when they are done and it ain't good.

  3. It may have very well been French or German operators dressed as Americans that removed the cuneiform tablets. Check out Dr. Joseph P. Farrel for more on that subject.

  4. hey Popeye hope you're doing well I've been meaning to ask you for a list of audible books because I'm a truck driver and I would love to dig into some of the research you've been doing so I can expand my knowledge if you can thanks

  5. ill bet all these businesses on connetticut avenue in washington all have secret tunnel entrances from each of their properties that all connect with these underground tunnels that are all over that street/area …..and when someone wants to partake in the comet pizza action ,they dont even have tobe seen anywhere near there…… ie someone well known from govt goes into the 'without borders' place and can just stroll thru the tunnels and come up when at the comet pizza enterance or any other business or residence in that area……yea that sounds about right …..spirit cooking or another way of puttin it ….cooking the body that contains the spirit… goin round for special dinners and bbqs is speaking directly about cannabilism….think hilary head shaking ….think KURU

  6. Every 4-8 years, the "victorious" political party goes into apologist mode. Instead of outcries over Trump's statements about flag burning, former "Liberty Lovers" now double-down on their support of his assertion. Just weeks ago, they would have been up in arms over issues of Free Speech and the Constitution.

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