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Presidential love triangle at Illinois polls

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  1. Hang this c******* from the highest tree after you impeach him f**** is Lima jihadist sympathizer Holden are generals back from doing their job and from protecting our country siding with the enemy the enemy lives in the White House and his name is Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro sell my ass for cocaine Davis.. Strike him dead in his shoes Lord all Islamic jihadist sympathizers in Muslim jihadist with good Muslim jihadist is good and dead

  2. stinking half black homo, disgusting and the whole world is laughing at America's weenie kisser wannabe potus

    then to beat all, the first lady is exposed, she is a he with a weenie for potus to play with, hehehehe, hahahahaha….embarrassing to the least

    hehehehe, hahahahaha….potus needs to be hung by the head till dead
    then decapitated, his head shoved onto a fence post for the world to laugh at.

  3. After the kiss he mean mugged her man as well on some motherfucking G shit. Obama is the coolest president America has ever had and will have. The runner up's for 2016 makes me want to go back to sleep on both sides of the field btw I'm neither republican and democrat after Obama's term is over but if I had to vote for someone it'll be Jesse Ventura or Hilary Clinton to be the next president everybody else can go suck a dick.  

  4. So, Obama is just funny and people consider that a good trait in a president. How about smart? What about that? How about someone empathetic and doesn't send soldiers to die in off in useless wars. How about no more CIA spying on citizens. Jesus fuck, people in the "corrupt private sector" have much higher expectations for a leader than this. Fuck you liberals, no seriously, you guys are just as bad as the conservatives who cheer their idol presidents on.
    Want to know how to fix this country one step at a time? Stop confusing being funny with being responsible or being virtuous. Start ostracizing these people in life. This guy is a sociopath, just like Bush. Don't get me wrong, I like funny, but I'd prefer empathetic, honest, and responsible more. God election time, more like sports time. Why the hell do we even have voting in the first place, with these kinds of standards for a good president?

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