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Presidential Politics | Lecture 1

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  1. That is because they are too busy producing crops, raising their kids with solid morals, and holding this country above the water to bother with the likes of a person who thinks that the individualists are to be enslaved by their ability to work and produce. While you feel you should rule because of your own incompetence. Rednecks as you call us, are the motor of this country. Without people like us you would be doomed to an existence equal to that of every 3rd world communist society on earth.

  2. Unfortunately, every time an "enlightened" person brings up the faculties and woes of the "races", they unknowingly find themselves in a catch 22. They argue that the Black Panthers and KKK are detrimental to society yet in the same breathe might advocate blacks receiving more educational support than whites; examples such as grants and scholarships. Instead of rewarding individual merit, this is separating different groups of people, fueling the fire of racism in todays society.

  3. Good, I like that you share this video, I wish success always The nomination process and ongoing campaigns have revealed the complexities of identity and its role in uniting and dividing the electorate

  4. @sgtpepper33 … its a lecture for intellectuals at Stanford – An institute I imagine you couldn't get in to. Its political science – not political media; they're looking at problems rather than pretending they don't exist.

  5. I support McCain, & one of the things that puts people off the Democrats is this insistence upon pitting one group against another.We have Black Republicans, Gay Republicans,& strong working women. Martin Luther King was a Republican.But I would oppose any candidate who came with as little experience as Obama & with the questionable friends he has. The main point is we are all Americans but Dems see us as "grievance groups" from whom they can buy votes with promises.

  6. I imagine the Center for race, class, gender, faith and Ethnicity are somewhat dependent upon race,class, etc. remaining major issues. it would seem to be your bread and butter. The real issues in the current campaign are political, in my opinion. People who hope to divide us along lines of the above are ignoring the more important issues about which we should all be concerned. We need leadership in the Presidency; experience is critical; courage to face our enemies is essential.

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