Q&A » my health journey

PUL’s first ever Q&A! Let’s answer some of your most common questions, such as: my health and veganism journey; how/why I came up with the idea to YouTube; and how/why I chose to become a dietitian…


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Q&A » my health journey

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  1. How do you reconcile being vegan and a dietician? Surely you would have to recommend animal products in some instances or at least spend time studying them… (I don't mean this to sound accusatory, just thinking of ethical career options for myself). Also thankyou, your videos are helping me focus on nourishing and loving my body again instead of restriction

  2. I love ur videos! Love the simplicity and Minimalism!
    I was vegan for one and half years, for the same reason you said, then i got severely sick, multiple autoimmune diseases. Found out I was sensitive to grains, pulses, some nuts snd seeds and I need meat to rebuild my gut lining and cells, gelatin, collagen, etc. I was devastated, then someone wise told me. Plants are living beings too, they are born and die, they respond to environment, and eating parts of them are like consuming eggs and milk, eg seeds. They just don’t move but they have life. Just like we don’t judge a lion or tiger eating another animal we humans need , both plant and animal products to maintain a healthy body, we have both herbivorous and carnivorous teeth. So now I eat both meat and plants but I thank them for transferring their energy to me and eat with respect.

  3. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your YouTube ! I’m glad you turned down med school for this career because you are so good at what you do. Very inspirational . I’m going to start from the beginning videos now! Thank you

  4. Your reasons for becoming a nutritionist were similar to mine in becoming an Early Education Teacher. Firstly a backplan and then the realization that prevention is always better than fixing issues in the long run. You are definitely helping all of us more this way! Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Sadia, i am so happy i found you! I absolutly love the content of your videos, your personality and voice. I am from Eindhoven to. It feels like a made a new friend ( without being wierd ha). Thank you so much and please keep up the good work. I will be following your journey. Sarah

  6. Do medical schools teach nutrition as a subject? How much detail do they go into? How important is nutrition when it comes to curing diseases? Does food play any role at all in keeping humans disease free? These questions may not be the most comfortable ones to answer, but it will be great if you can do a vlog covering topics such as these, someday.

    Thank you.

  7. I've been watching your vedeos and I'm a huge fan of you! You are an amazing role model who inspires me to create my life helthy and diligently. Let me ask you some questions. Who is your favorite youtuber? How tall are you? If you go back to school again, what do you want to major in next? What do you do in your freetime? How often do you work a week? Thank you. Give you a hifive from Japan!

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