Ramsay Uncovers Over $12,000 of FROZEN Food! | Kitchen Nightmares

SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW HELL’S KITCHEN CHANNEL: Gordon finds a ludcrous amount of frozen food in this restaurant’s freezer, including…


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Ramsay Uncovers Over $12,000 of FROZEN Food! | Kitchen Nightmares

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  1. Welcome to the US folks. Now my eyes have opened, when I travel into other countries, even latin America, that is why the food is so much better , it's not frozen.

  2. to run a restaurant, you got to know good food. meaning you got to know how to cook and hire a great chef. I'm from the south and yeah I can cook. I want to learn how to make different foods but my black ass can cook

  3. This kind of crap about frozen food is why we pastry chefs always get questions about whether moulded mousse cakes are frozen. The answer is fucking yes, how else are you supposed to get them out of of the moulds without finger prints and dents? Also, do you think we make one cake at a time? Hell no.

  4. wait… is that owner accepting responsibility for mistakes? worst kitchen nightmares clip ever! i want to see her go crazy and blame everyone else and torch some tables!

  5. What is wrong with people? Who opens a restaurant without a business qualification? What owner hires a chef with no cooking qualification? Is America really so loose wi th operating standards?

  6. this is just insane. how many restaurants do this? how many wasted food is there out? the first world is disgusting and everyone who do this should be fucking ashamed and should go to prison.

  7. When you freeze food a couple of things happen. first of all it hardens. if you freeze meat and then defrost it the meat with tense up and harden making it feel like you're chewing down on a dry leather boot. second, any bacteria that may have been in the food stays in it in a temporary frozen state. so when you defrost it the bacteria comes back alive and starts going into overdrive. if you dethaw a piece of meat and leave it next to a fresh piece of meat and track which one will rot first, the dethawed meat will rot quicker.

    freezing food makes it also very gamey or chewy which isn't very appetizing. all the flavor in the meat dries out too and gets soaked into the water molecules meaning the food doesn't taste much of anything. When water freezes and crystalises it quite literally begins stabbing the meat as it gets colder. in lamence terms freezing say, a steak, is the equivalent of battering with a hammer on a microscopic level. not very appetizing sounding eh?

    you might not notice this if you typically eat frozen food all the time but typically if you eat say a frozen pizza versus a fresh one, the fresh will taste nicer by far.

  8. Alot of the restaurants ramsey goes to they get pissed when he tell them the truth and then they decide to talk back to him instead what alot of them shiuld be doing is look at him and tell him you need help with this

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