Right wing Left wing Politics – वामपंथी दक्षिणपंथी विचारधारा में अंतर जानिए – UPSC/IAS/PCS

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Right wing Left wing Politics – वामपंथी दक्षिणपंथी विचारधारा में अंतर जानिए – UPSC/IAS/PCS

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  2. bjp nationalism ko nhi religion ko bdava deti h ……unse bs ek ques puch lo ki raste m ek taraf india ka flag pda h or dusri taraf inke jo bhi god ko maante h yeh unki idol…….to pehle kisko uthyenge yeh……..agr idol ko uthaya to fr yeh ho gye anti national or flag ko uthaya to ho gye national fr inki ideology ko dhkka lgega

  3. sir would it be right to place all different political ideologies on a single line? the nazi party (national socialist german workers' party) was after all fascist as well as socialist. maybe a 2-d plane with political values and economic philosophies as the axes could be a better representation?

  4. Rathore ji, according to the assembly of the france, the definition of your right wing can be cured, but keeping the BJP in the frame of this definition is beyond understanding.

  5. Sir, before coming to power rss was against FDI but they are for FDI(100% fdi on retail recently) . Its a vote bank politics which happens in a immature democracy, jaha paise deke, biryani, alchol deke vote kharida jata hain. examle: Tripura election

  6. One Suggestion and one comment-
    Suggestion – please use slide numbers
    Comment – RSS is not a political party, but the way you used it depicts that it is. It is dissemination of wrong facts.

  7. Sir, under single line spectrum, where does capitalism fits?
    We took left extreme as communism n right extreme as fascism but fascism doesn't support capitalism, so where in the point at which we can mark capitalism??

    Please explain!

  8. Bhai RSS koi Political Party​ nahi Hai ! RSS ek Organization Hai ! BJP, RSS ka political Branch Hai ! RSS ke 3 Darjan se jyada Sanghtan Hai jinse Sidha- Sidha 10cr logo per focus hota Hai !

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