Round 3 of Jimmy Kimmel’s Health Care Battle

Jimmy has found himself in the middle of a battle over American health care, so tonight he responds to more criticism from Senator Bill Cassidy and those other jerks who want to take our health…


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Round 3 of Jimmy Kimmel’s Health Care Battle

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  1. Kimmel a multimillionaire using his show as a political platform to support a failed system. You cannot keep your health care provider, you are encouraged to euthanize a loved one if their condition seems hopeless, Doctors getting out of the business? How is he an expert on health care? The Affordable Health care Act is an oxymoron even in its own name.

  2. 5:36 I’m pretty sure we’re all watching that clip wrong…don’t listen to the audio, watch the eyes! Cause no normal person can blink that amount of times so quickly, he’s definitely sending us a message in Morse code or something

  3. What does Jimmy's understanding of health insurance and Billy's heart have in common? A gap the size of Texas!  [laughter]
    What was going through the mind of Billy's surgeon when Jimmy walked through the door? I can finally get that yacht I wanted! [laughter]
    seriously, Mr. Kimmel, stop regurgitating the crap from politicians and talk to doctors about coverage and reimbursements, and to patients about access.  you have employer sponsored health insurance so you don't have to worry about pre-existing conditions or rising premiums.  
    1. In california, where Billy was born, poor kids born with congenital diseases are covered by Medicaid (MediCal) and CCS. so no, poor kids don't die from congenital heart disease for lack of insurance.  There is a difference between congenital conditions and pre-existing conditions.  
    2. reimbursement to doctors from Medicaid and Obamacare individual exchange plans are so low, that few doctors will accept it.  What if your premium health insurance paid the surgeon $50,000 for Billy's surgery, and MediCal paid $5000 for the same surgery on another kid?  If you were the surgeon, and you had only time for one surgery, which would you do?  If you really want all kids to have access to good healthcare, It is this huge discrepancy in reimbursement that needs to be fixed.  Democrats will talk about 20 million Americans with "insurance" thru Obamacare, but how many of them have "healthcare"? Advocate for EQUAL REIMBURSEMENTS FOR EQUAL PROCEDURES, between Obamacare/IFP/Medicaid policies and real commercial health plans, and you will guarantee that kids and adults have access to healthcare.  Your new Jimmy Kimmel test should be: does this bill make sure that Obamacare/Trumpcare reimburses doctors the same as commercial insurances (or Medicare)?  you want "access to healthcare," not "coverage."
    Lastly, Jimmy, I'm sorry you had to learn about healthcare this way.  And Billy's condition should have been picked up at the prenatal ultrasounds.

  4. Thank you, Jimmy for being the voice of morality in America. Now search "Jimmy Kimmel Guess What's In My Pants" to see something that will make Harvey Weinstein say "What the …?!?!?!"

  5. Private healthcare doesn't cover the poor, but it also undercovers the middle class. Almost everyone who survives a heart attack goes to the hospital. Some can afford it, some have great insurance, and some have medicare. For the rest, many are bankrupted because their insurance is inadequate. Others don't have insurance, and the providers make the money up on those who do, a tax that hits the middle class harder than the rich. But the providers do get their money, making US healthcare more expensive than almost anywhere else in the world, for mediocre results.
    Middle class 'conservatives' think their rates would go up with national care. The opposite is the fact. The system would care for the same number of people, but not single out the insured to be the only ones who paid. The 1% could pay a little, even. The profits of insurance companies, about 25% depending which stats you like, would be saved. England administrates their system with 5%. The cost of squeezing turnips would be saved. Huge drug company profits, often on products developed with publicly funded research, would be controlled.
    Anyone who believes in getting his money's worth should think this through for himself. Being conservative doesn't mean you have to be foolish with money, or not see the value in something because you won't look.

  6. Instead of replace and repeal Obamacare, which is so negative. How about reform and embellish Obamacare? The GOP has no solution to fixing Obamacare. The GOP has a vendetta with President Obama and the American people become pawns and casualties. Sad!

  7. The people of this country are all qualified and deserve universal healthcare!!!! But the politicians in Washington are "qualified" to except money from big pharm and keep the American people hostage? Yet somehow they are also "qualified" to keep us in Afghanistan for 16 years and go from 2 to 7 wars in 8 years….and then give $700 billion more to the war machine! Really? The US has given Israel over $233 billion AND ISRAEL HAS UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE!!!!! Doesn't that seem strange? The US says healthcare is too complicated? BS

  8. And by the way. The only reason they want to "Repel and Replace" Oboma Care becuase a Black Man did what they couldn't. It's called the Affordable Care Act, not Oboma Care. There is no such thing. That's for the dumd ass Red Necks out there that has a problem with getting something good for but not wanting it becuase it came from a Black Man. Racist Assholes!

  9. BRAVO Jimmy Kimmel and to Senator McCain for opposing the repeal of the Affordable care Act – which should be applauded – not repealed – because it provides affordable health insurance coverage to millions of previously uninsured Americans

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