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Samsung Chromebook & Chromebox review

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  1. is android mini pc, mac mini chromebox or windows mini pc best mini pc for a 37" TV? I want one to be easy to use and for web browsing watching youtube videos, and sometimes lending it to my parents for large screen computer experience, which one is best coz android seems to be made to work on touchscreens only and would be awkward with mouse and keyboard, please tell me which of these 4 should i pick provided with the details above. THX a lot! XD

  2. You are right I know 10 people just thinking off the top of my head who know absolutely nothing about computers and guess what they all own macs and they all own iphones and they all own iPads. I am not saying every Apple user just follows the trend but the vast majority of them purchase their product because they think they will get a social status out of it.

  3. I agree they are way to expensive and people just buy them because their friends have macs and that's the problem. I like how macs are very durable but I know that part of my wanting of a mac comes from the fact all my friends have one. It's just a matter of thinking about whats better and to but the truly better product.

  4. I can ask you the same thing. You just jumped in to argue your point, and I'll argue mine. Hey I'm happy for you, unlike a large portion of the world, you made an actual educated decision in purchasing the prduct that you now own and have pride in. That says a lot in this day in age, people get dumber and dumber every year.

  5. Definitely not a "Monkey-See" type of person. If I want something, I have my reasons, and they never have to do with where it will put me in society. I don't really give a damn what people think of me. But there is a large percentage of people out there who do care.

  6. You're driving a non-point. iCloud integration spans iTunes on PC. iCloud so much more than that.

    Your theory would make sense if everyone was rich. I'm sorry, but I tend to think that most people will use a product from a friend or family member, then decide that there is gain to be had from a like purchase. Now, YOU may operate on a "monkey-see" level, but my parents loved everything that I could do with my iPhone before buying theirs. In fact, my mom plays games on her iPad everyday.

  7. Windows does work alongside with iCloud, seeing how iCloud actually runs off Windows based servers. You make good points, which yes you may have purchased your Mac because you saw value in owning one. But living in this materialistic, monkey see monkey want society we live in, I mean look at the smart phone industry, I won't be convinced that most people make the decision to purchase a Mac just like you did.

  8. You're also not aware of what I mean when I say iCloud integration. Applications downloaded from the Mac app store can have integration, i.e. a connection to iOS. Windows now has a connection to Windows Phone, however, Windows Phone isn't as widespread.

    I didn't even mention iLife but that's a good point. iLife may not be a pro applications, but most people who buy Macs aren't pro. With iLife, users can be productive with a computer out of the box: It's another reason to buy a Mac.

  9. You're missing the point. You said that Mac users only buy Macs for the brand. The point of making it known is to show you that that there are reasons to buy a Mac other than brand. And you should know that by now. I'm hardly concerned in justifying my purchase or comparing systems. It should just be obvious that people buy Macs for reasons other than brand.

    Thunderbolt won't be on $300-500. That was what I said. Thunderbolt isn't a replacement for USB.

  10. You're getting bent out of shape over nothing, Mac is a better machine, no doubt about it, I have never said that it wasn't. It's faster, and far superior to Windows. Thunderbolt, by the way, is on motherboards other than Macs now, USB won't be around forever. iCloud just takes a download to work with Vista SP2 and later Windows systems. iLife suite is nice to have, but I've never heard anyone call it a premium software, it's better than what Windows has, but still entry level.

  11. This list just goes on and on. By the way, with a $1,000 Mac, you're getting a lot more than what the $300-$500 PC will get you. The PC industry seems to think the same since the Ultrabook market exists, right? That $1,000 Mac is a MacBook Air and it is the difference between waiting up to a minute for your computer to boot up and 15 seconds; it's the difference between waiting 10 seconds for iTunes to open and 2 seconds; it's the difference between having Thunderbolt and not.

  12. No, you said that most Mac users buy Macs because they're Macs. That's largely incorrect. There are plenty of reasons to buy a Mac other than the fact of the brand. One reason already stated is that they're more stable; a second is the resale value; third, typically better customer support; fourth, a simpler OS; fifth, premium editing software; sixth, they run Windows 7 better than most PC's; seventh, thinner and lighter; eighth, Retina display; ninth, iCloud integration; tenth, OSX 10.8.

  13. Kind of seems like the same point I just made. I'd love to have a Mac. Their software is top shelf, but I just don't see the cost effectiveness of it for what I actually do with my computer, the very same 6 yr old Vista laptop I bought new and have never had any issues with it, ever. With it getting older, the "experience" is not as good. With myself, and MOST people a Mac is just a more expensive machine for doing the same task for a lot less.

  14. Maybe because they're know to be reliable? If I was a poor student and I knew I wouldn't have much money to be spending on a computer with books and tuition in mind, I'd want the best computer possible. Still haven't had any issues with my 2009 MacBook Pro.

  15. They're kind of both. Mac is good at what they do, namely, what they are best at, is making Proprietary Software, granted very good software, but their hardware isn't that much better than anything else, at least not what they make you pay for it. They are extremely mainstream, mostly because most Mac users buy it because it's Mac, even though most users don't do anything more with the $1000+ Mac Book that they could with a $300-500 Windows laptop.

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