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Sara Evans – You’ll Always Be My Baby

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  1. Geez this reminds me of my youngest daughter. Got divorced and I am happily remarried. Haven't gotten to see my youngest much in 11 years. I coached her soccer for years until divorced. Brings tears Everytime I listen

  2. I ran across this after a few years ago,and it still breaks my heart.My daughter and I were very close..I raised her til she was a teen…then my 2nd married fell apart and she went to live with her mom..She stopped seeing me and ended up pregnant,dropped out of school and moved to N.Dekotta.i saw her at my son's wedding but her mom was there and played interference….I didn't care..I went up and kissed her head and told her I loved her.that was two years ago.To see your grandkids who never knew who I was…and maybe never know…Just rough…thanks for a great song Sara

  3. They may not be obligated in the eyes of the law but in the eyes of your children and the Lord they ARE obligated till their death or yours…if your not willing to give up yourself unconditionally when it comes to being a parent then don't fucking have kids…excuse the pun…nuff said

  4. This song has so much meaning it makes me cry yes and funny its not about my dad in this song my mom has always been there for me even when a similar thing happend to me at 19 .

  5. If I made a mistake my parents would beat me. Now eight years after I escaped I get the privelege of being a mom. My parents taught me what not to do. I want to be slow to anger with this child and be the type of parent my child is not afraid to talk to.

  6. the more I think of men a lot of them messed up girls and woman with babys and left them  and keep doing this to sweet heart woman with a heart,,  im pissed at men for this shit and boy can make a baby but real man will raise them

  7. I dedicate this to my daddy. No matter what I will always love him. I let him down years ago and it affects me because he gets older as the years go by and I can't go a day without trying to make a father daughter relationship. Ive learned the hard way I got into a huge argument with my mom one morning and she died at home later that night. I would do anything to have that second chance so I will make due with his new grand baby on the way and make better life choices. Life is to short to not forgive and forget also loves to short to live in a hurtful past.

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