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School Segregation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  1. That parent concerned that she would have to worry about her kid now taking drugs because there'd be black kids attending… That's a bullshit concern. I went to majority white, primarily rich family school, and I can tell you that the number of kids taking and dealing drugs there was still pretty high…

  2. This is just a result of the fact schools are funded by taxes. Rich people go where rich schools are. Poor people are stuck. This is just economic segregation in effect.

  3. I watch Election night Media reactions twice a month to watch you all, go from chilling champagne at 5pm then, your Socialist tears & sobbing shock at 11pm.. as Obama voters in OH, MI, WI & Penn elected Trump cuz you all bitch slapped those Dems all year …YOUR arrogance elected a MAN to replace a stuttering CHILD..whos 8 yrs fades away daily..THANK YOU smug fools!

  4. 2:00; I'm sorry immigrants, but if our school systems are so bad that you're giving protests in the streets, go back to your home countries and get your education. Or start investing in your communities instead of moving to the upper class neighborhoods. The working class cannot afford to pay your ever growing fees (welfare, food stamps, school equilibrium funds, etc.) that the your unemployment has cuased in the last few decades.

  5. I have never understood how racism is a thing. The first time I was ever mad aware of it was when I was a kid, watching a Disney show that’s so raven. By the USA’s standard, my mom would be characterized as black, and me as white. The fact that in the US some schools my mom would have attended would receive any less funding than the ones I would have attended is mind boggling to me. We’re just different shades of human. Why do you place worth on color? If you were to go to a clothing store, and there is these T-shirts same design, would it be logical if the one with the blue background cost 20$ and the one with the red background 50$? It’s just ridiculous

  6. To anyone who says the 1970's efforts to raise standards through forced desegregation and bussing did not work or was wrong, I call b.s. Prove it with real long-term peer-reviewed studies. All real peer reviewed research on desegregation efforts, including bussing to schools outside one's neighborhood, show that A) it worked as John noted, and B) when discontinued, schools in poor minority neighborhoods returned to problems of poverty and poor outcomes. As just one (of many) examples, here is a great one:

  7. The child thinks the black one is evil. This is because we relate darkness and evil and scary things to blackness. We are geared to fear certain things and we react to what our families teach us. We can tell kids that black is white and white is black and they would not know until outside elements interfered. That child looked burnt which can be seen as bad. We naturally dont want to get burned. The child does not understand the idea of race yet unless mom is ranting about it at home.

  8. This is less of an racial issue and more of an economic issue. The schools John Oliver is talking about have generally poorer populations compared to the more white suburban schools.

  9. I appreciate John Oliver’s humour and he often raises some very important topics, but it’s just stupid to be bussing kids around just so they have have an ethnically diverse education. If your neighbourhood is white then your school will probably be predominantly white – where is the issue with that? Likewise reserving places for specific ethnicities, defining people by their ethnicity, that IS racist! If you don’t want people to be discriminated against encourage a colourblind society, not one that patronisingly declares that ethnic monitories need special dispensation to compete with whites!

  10. At 820 to the dad of the daughter who wasn't able to get into a top notch elementary school… It is f…ing elementary school get concerned if it's college or university

  11. One thing that I think is kind of passed over here– I go to school in Virginia, and the people I go to school with are incredibly diverse. I have classmates from all different parts of the world and from all different income levels. But even though our school don't look segregated externally, internally there are very strict stratifications. If you walk into an AP, or even an honors class, most of the faces staring back at you will be white. In an academic class, most of the students are people of color. Even if the overall makeup of our school is wide and varied, the classes look incredibly homogenous.

  12. The easiest way to solve this would be making schools with a majority of students being black the best in the state. Give them the funding they need to hire more teachers, get supplies, repair buildings etc. – so good in fact, white kids will have to apply to get in.

  13. I think this is a socioeconomic problem in a capitalist economy not a racism problem….sound and up to date supply side policy targeted in poor areas is all that is needed

  14. You don't want to see the real problem, that's not race but money.
    Back and Latino grew up in poor place with bad school, and can't access good university with bad curriculum.

    When you're rich, you can be black, white or even sexually identify as a table, nobody cares, you will have the best teachers, best education and best career.
    Just share more money to poor schools, and racial conflict will disappear.

    The funniest is, big IT companies, fight against segregation, but don't dare to pay taxes.

  15. that 22% drop in incarceration, why can't that happen when they're put together? i mean asians will probably do better if they are put together, like they do, well in asian communities like arcadia.

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