Senator Richard Blumenthal: This Is Gutter, Partisan Politics | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Senator Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., discusses the potential release of the Nunes memo, the impact of the release and why he says a backlash in the Senate is growing over the possible release….


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Senator Richard Blumenthal: This Is Gutter, Partisan Politics | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. **Senator BLumenthal is a great man of God, I pray he keeps to the Truth and not with the Shadow Government, not all Democrats are corrupt it is the Ones who are affiliated with the Deep State Please read this explains socialist democracy and This is important for everyone to understand The two faces of the Democratic Party**

    By Michael Gerson Opinion writer May 19, 2011 Email the author
    As the budget process in Washington lurches from crisis to continuing resolution to debt limit scramble — with Congress seemingly incapable of dealing with fiscal issues without the prospect of immediate financial collapse — it is worth considering the structural reasons for this seriousness deficit. Some view the culprit as partisan polarization or the disproportionate power of Senate minorities — both of which play a role. But the main challenge is this: Our two-party system has produced a three-party government.

    Despite predictions of bloodshed between mainstream Republicans and Tea Party freshmen, the GOP in Congress has remained a single political force. After an internal argument about the inclusion of Medicare reform, most Republicans rallied to Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget. After getting criticism for timid cuts in the April continuing resolution, Speaker John Boehner is skillfully herding his caucus toward a debt limit confrontation with the White House — setting out ambitious-sounding goals that leave him considerable flexibility in actual negotiations.

    Republican leaders have proved themselves capable of producing proposals that unite perhaps 90 percent of their congressional delegation, losing just a thin margin at each end of their ideological spectrum. But the job is made easier by the narrowness of the Republican ideological spectrum. A party that used to range from moderates to Reagan conservatives now ranges from Reagan conservatives to Tea Party conservatives, both offended by President Obama’s fiscal excesses.

    On fiscal issues, the Democratic Party is really two parties. One consists of European-style social democrats, represented by leaders such as Nancy Pelosi. They have not embraced the socialist ideology of, say, the old British Labor Party. But their instincts, in nearly every specific decision, tend toward increasing the size and role of government in the American economy. Deep down, they would have preferred a single-payer health-care system. In the current fiscal debate, they hope to address the debt crisis by dramatically increasing the percentage of American economic activity taken in taxes.

    The other Democratic Party is socially liberal and pro-business. These Democrats attempted to weed out the excesses of Obama’s health reform in the Senate. They are attracted to the deficit reduction approach of the Simpson-Bowles commission — including tax increases, but weighted toward spending reductions. They are a minority of the broader Democratic Party but they hold the balance of power in the Senate. Their numbers in the House have been diminished as Republicans have secured conservative Democratic districts. But such “Blue Dog” Democrats were influential enough in the last Congress to prevent an overwhelmingly Democratic House from passing a budget.

    There are perhaps 10 pro-business Democrats in the Senate, often led by Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad. Their numbers and influence, however, are currently inflated by the cohort of incumbent Democrats facing reelection and spooked by the prospect of running on a pro-tax platform.

    The conflict between social Democrats and pro-business Democrats is already undermining the possibility of a unified 2012 Democratic budget. In the Senate Budget Committee, Conrad’s attempt to craft a proposal based on Simpson-Bowles failed, largely because Sen. Bernie Sanders — a socialist independent who caucuses with the Democrats — objected. Conrad was forced to come back with a more liberal proposal, which has vulnerable and moderate Democrats angry.

    Again and again, Democratic leaders have failed to produce budget approaches that unite 90 percent of their caucus. This is not entirely their fault. The ideological distance between social Democrats and pro-business Democrats is wider than any ideological gap on the Republican side. If pro-business Democrats were formally independent as a party, like the Liberal Democrats in Britain, they might be tempted to form a coalition government with Republicans — using their influence not only to block the proposals of social Democrats but to gain a share of power. But America’s two-party system doesn’t allow for this strategy.

    The last time Democrats got past this internal division was during the Clinton years, when a pro-business president led social Democrats toward his position. Obama leaves it purposely unclear which Democratic Party he represents. While his instincts are liberal, he seems perfectly willing to abandon his social democratic allies when it serves his interests. A grand budget deal acceptable to Republicans — including spending cuts, structural changes in the budget process and meaningful entitlement reform — would take the spending issue off the table and might ensure Obama’s reelection. But to get that deal, Obama must persuade three parties.

  2. Coffee Joe and Morning Sickness Mika say again : ~ " It's ALWAYS good to hear from the honorable brave Vietnam combat special forces congressional medal of honor winner for valor under fire, above and beyond the call of made up duty, war hero, Major General Richard Blumenthall, USMC Recon Delta Force Ranger HALO Sea, Land, Air, and Roger Ramjet Space Cadet ! ~ Think of the pain, the sacrifices, the sweat, and blood, this man poured out when his made up Vietnam combat Special Forces Medal of Honor winner for valor under fire, above and beyond the call of made up duty, war veteran hero story was shown up as phony false, and FUBAR, as HE IS ! So now, we're SO sure that EVERYTHING he now says will be proven again to be just as genuine as the phony faced lying loser grub worm he was when he lied about his military record, as he is now ! GO, RICHEY ! We're hanging on your every word, both ME and MIKA TAKA ! Thanks for showing up and giving us all a great laugh this morning ! We needed one today, for sure."

  3. This is more than gutter politics this is the demise of American democracy and the take over of the American government by an autocrat and his sycophants. The media are complicit in downplaying the seriousness of what is happening here.

  4. Why are Republicans afraid to face the fact that Trump and his administration are tearing our democracy apart? Is there not one among them that sees this for what it is? Trump is evil Republicans evil for not defending the constitution and defending this madman in the white house. You all were elected by the people and will be defeated in 2018 – UNLESS the entire representatives of the good old party, Lincoln's party ` quit. One day you will all regret your party affiliations in support of the worst things to happen in our once admired strength in democracy. THE PRESIDENT IS CORRUPT AND NOTHING BUT A SLIMY THUG

  5. Nunes failed at this last time and this time he confirmed the origin of the russia investigation, which had nothing to do with Steele's dossier. trump needs a much sharper knife than nunes if he expects us to buy his Lies.

  6. America has come a seriously bad car crash happening in extremely slow motion, that you just can’t avert your eyes from. And like all bad crashes, it ultimately end in fatalities.
    RIP American

  7. Not much longer when America comes back to reality and the American People will know that there were sleepers in the White House that were instructed to carry out mischief and fake information by Russia but also the use of money from washed money and the use of mail order directors.also with Russian Blackmail towards several in the White House.

  8. Watching the Democrats scrambling after the release of the FISA MEMO is fun to watch.
    Democrats have been exposed as frauds perpetrating a bogus Trump/Russia collusion
    narrative which was a sham from the get-go.
    Democrats just had a political MOAB explode in their faces and are left in shambles.

  9. I wish I believed that Senator Richard Blumenthal was correct about the integrity of the Senate but I have no longer got any faith in anyone in our government to do the right thing.

  10. We all know who, rather, where this 'memo' was created. Nunes did it once before and got away with it. So, how is it a stretch to conclude this is exactly what has happened yet again. It is difficult to believe the tactics being employed are fooling anyone. Then again, this is taking place under the direction of 'Resident Drumpf.' When that is factored in, I suppose most anything is possible. Is this as bad as it can get? Probably not given all that has taken place before this point in time. Many believed prior events were so outrageous they could not be surpassed. Well, they were.

    Only fix for this is what takes place come this Nov. Take the House. Take back the Senate. Dump Drumpf on his 'bird's nest' of a hairpiece. Sure, we may have Pence to deal with. Or possibly Ryan, if Pence is taken down, too. But if Dems take control of both houses whoever becomes the 'Resident' thru attrition will be virtually powerless. Then in two years, bye, bye, GOP – hopefully forever. Well, that's not going to happen. However, I predict those left standing following the carnage will sing a different tune. They will once again fear the potential of enraging the majority of the population.

    Get registered. Go vote. Don't assume the other guy or gal can make possible the changes our nation desperately needs to regain those things which makes it possible for America to not only exist, but to thrive. America was the best hope for all the world, and America must be restored to that honorable state. GO VOTE.

  11. Important stuff everyone should look up for themselves:
    Neoliberalism , Nationalism , " Mont Pelerin Society " , National Socialism , NSDAP , " Schwarze Sonne " , Propaganda , Reichstagsbrand , Die Machtübernahme 1933/ Das Ermächtigungsgesetz (Enabling Act of 1933), " The Patriot Act " , Authoritarianism , Democracy , Pluralism , Secularism , Dictatorship , Oligarchy , Tribalism , Colonialism , Socialism , Communism , Agnosticism , Stoicism , Diogenes (the Cynic), Seneca (the Younger), Ethics , Knowledge , Belief , Myth , Fact , Legend , Human Rights , Equality , Realism , Skepticism , Rick Simpson Story

  12. „The most teachers of beliefs defend their sentences; not because they are convinced of the veracity of the same, but because they once asserted that they are true.“ (Georg Christoph Lichtenberg)

    „And it reigns the god of earth, the money.“ (Friedrich Schiller)

    „Beliefs are often taken for evidence.“ (Aurel Schmidt)

  13. LOL MSNBC the SH*T Hole of Journalism now knows they have to continue to eat SH*T as memo shows corruption. All things we the PEOPLE have know all along. That is why MSNBC is the BOTTOM OF THE BARREL and ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE

  14. Trump admires Hitler and Putin and has wanted to be US President since at least 1985.
    Trump was given between 64 to 160 million dollars in his youth from his father. He has gone bankrupt with this money 4 to 6 times. Racist, sexist, pathological liar (unable not to lie), thief, etc. Close to the worst human that ever lived and a disgrace to this country and the world. His father did the same as Trump, he lied and stole from the poor. Like father, like son. There are some Republicans against Trump so I think the Republican party is ok. Pence and Ryan are yes people to Trump’s wishes (loyalty) so also a problem. Mueller is a very impressive man and a great American.

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