SHOCKING Deep State Poll Reveals Disturbing Results

Is the “Deep State” real and is it coming for Trump? America has answered. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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“Americans don’t think that how someone votes should matter when it comes to getting or keeping a job, and overwhelmingly prioritize the independence of the Federal Bureau of Investigation over political loyalty to an Administration.

In the latest Economist/YouGov Poll, the preference for independence in law enforcement is not partisan, as Republicans as well as Democrats reject the belief that senior FBI officials need to be supporters of the President (though Republicans are more closely divided than Democrats or independents on this question).

The poll was conducted this weekend, as Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe resigned just weeks ahead of his expected March retirement from the Bureau. McCabe had been criticized by President Trump, including on Twitter, for political bias, and claimed he had been asked by the President how he had voted when he met the President upon assuming the role of acting FBI Director. McCabe did not vote in the 2016 election.

The public sees the FBI as an independent agency, not necessarily one loyal to any incumbent President. Public support for the independence of the agency as a whole was even more clear: just 13% said the FBI should be loyal to the President, including just 24% of Republicans.

There is an even more unanimity on the inappropriateness of asking about one’s Presidential vote in a job interview, of using it as a basis for hiring, and of firing someone because of it.”

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SHOCKING Deep State Poll Reveals Disturbing Results

Comments 39

  1. (long Explanation) I'm usually with you on many things but this is a bit off, though the republicans are using the info cheery picking for their advantage. The rogue government is in private hands and has been since for hundreds of years and doesn't care about politics, religion, or race. Many Presidents have talked about and some founding fathers have been in it. Trying to go against them will lose your career or death just ask Abraham Lincoln, JFK, MLK, Gaddafi, Michael Jackson, Prince, Buddy Holly, and the multitude of inventors who suddenly die. They started The last few Crusades, American Revolution, American Civil War, WW1, WW2, 9/11, next is Korea and WW3. They are world wide. They were for Hillary and Bill Clinton till they found out they wanted to release all the info in UFOs. She was gonna be the disclosure president. They were not having that so incomes Trump some one that wont try to go against them. All Astronauts know about them some are trying to go against them. NASA, FBI, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, US Congress, US Senate, UK MI5 MI6 MI7, the main medias, Federal Reserve and many more are pawns of them. Most people will not know because it is compartmentalized on a need to know bases and life or death secretes. Though Hillary did not win but her plans are still going through which is what has been happening recently with a pentagon verified video of UFO from US Airforce Jet camera and the creation of To The Stars Academy. They will soon release metal from the UFO and a video of showing how it works. This began a war between those in government who want to change things and release info and the rogue government who don't want it released for money or religious reasons. They have many names cuase there is multiple groups in the rogue government but same main goal. They also have there claws in the music and movie industry. The reason we have not seen ETs, multidimentionals, aliens out in the open cause this rogue group has partnered with dark aliens for their tech and weapons in exchange they get to abduct humans for study. A lot of these dark aliens have started wars with other ETs so they are cautious about entering Earth. With human governments Shoot first mentality and some of the dark aliens hanging around you can see why they are cautious. Though The Aliens are showing them selves in rising numbers since 2012 to go against this rogue government group and an energy cycle the Aztecs, Egyptians, Native Americans, Indian Empires knew about. Now that rogue group is doing all it can to keep power and moving forward with WW3. They are also preparing to tell the world we will be going to war with the aliens who are trying to help humans recognize, what this Rogue group is doing. They also trying to stop recognition of them by having trump take away Net Neutrality. They are also against Crypto-currencies cause it would take their money power away and their control on 3rd world countries. Though they do not now what to do with the new generations Millennials and I-Gens have seen them so plainly thanks to the internet and social media and so they have to push for Net Neutrality. These are the first generations that open welcome ETs and want to join the galactic union and the rogue government is having a problem with that. what would be next is the False ET invasions. This will be done by small grey Bio-Driods. Organic robots a lot of ETs use but our scientists are just getting into it. The secrete war some people can see is by info and the rogue government is losing cause people are starting to recognize again like they did almost 300 years ago. UK, France, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, South American countries and African countries have starting to fight back secretly against this rogue group and releasing thousands of pages of secrete/classified info. Now you don't have to believe this, it is up to you. Though when you turn on the TV in the coming years and start to see the stuff I have been saying just know Three things Christianity vs Islam, World War 3, Earth Alliance vs ETs. You can at least prepare and know whats going to happen when you hear those words on TV.

  2. The deep state is simply unelected government officials. Who work without being elected, year in and year out. And who wield power, which was not given to them by the voters. That is all it is. Of course it exists.

  3. Simple as this vote real progressives in and wweed out the swamp we have with in the just vote wisely…..look who ppl voted in a moron man child president! Cause ppl wanted something different! Imagine if Sanders were president…..alot of this wouldn't be going in i just know! Get all these corrupt bought out dems by donors and vote real progressives in!

  4. Conspiracy theories are theories until proven true. Stop talking to people like they are dumb asf, the way you prefer them to be, in order to buy into your bs.

  5. Truth be told the large majority of Congress wouldn't dare take on the CIA or the NSA. Long time and well respected Idaho senator Frank Church took them on and his career ended shortly after. A few years after that he was dead of cancer. Coincidence?

    If you use what's factually known of the CIA it's not hard to figure they are capable of almost anything.

  6. Fox news want to make it, so that, if the president is found to be guilty, that it would tear the country apart, to remove him. They believe that the Dems have no backbone (they don't have a backbone) and won't remove Trump, for fear, of what it will do to the country… they are probably right.

  7. They have not lost their mind at all. It is rather smart. They are preparing to save the Trump government by claiming it is all a coup attempt by the made up "deep state". So they can continue to rob and steal and gorge themselves on ordinary Americans. But maybe they got it coming. I have no sympathy for the willfully stupid…

  8. So the Deep State existed in the 50s and 60s, but then it somehow vanished and still hasn't returned. Interesting! Sounds like something the Deep State would want us to believe. Sad to see Cenk doing the bidding of the Deep State. I wonder how they got to him. Probably an embarrassing tape of some sort. With the whole country under complete surveillance, it's child's play for the Deep State to come up with blackmail material on anyone and everyone. No wonder judges so often side with the government and the corporations against the people. No wonder all the institutions that are supposed to protect freedom and justice have long been falling apart. Democracy is dead. Long live the Deep State!


  10. Uhhh… you do realize you called our hypersensitive community lunatics and said they should be locked up, don't you? – Regardless, the primary was rigged and the act was flippantly brushed off by those in charge with agendas. If anyone had claimed that was going on at the time, many conversations probably would be very much the same as this video. I think this is a patsy mouthpiece clip that has a capacity to distract from the fact that despite who is president and what politics are going on, investigations should be called for immediately any time there appears to be undue influence in one of our government's key support agencies, especially that of justice and security. The possibility of a "state within a state" existing in a government of this day and age is not a ridiculous idea. There are various tactics employed by entities or a cabal wishing to control public works, and "deep state" is one of them. Core beliefs are significant but should not block light from our intellectual search for truths and facts. What we need to keep in mind is how these type things are used as tools by opportunists and to be aware of their manipulations so as to recognize when it is happening. Gaslighting those with concerns is, to me, a form of attempting obstruction for some reason. I'm disappointed here, TYT. Maybe a check for influence is in order, you appear to have been breached. Look for a possible fissure.

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