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Should The Try Guys Get Plastic Surgery?

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  1. I was so shook when they said that they had such big insecureties about their faces. Bc I think they're all attractive as hell and it really made me realize that probably none of us think that we're "pretty enough". So fuck beauty, fuck all those "standarts", all of this ain't fucking real and we're all beautiful because we are who we are. Our face doesn't make who we are even if we're told otherwise so many times.

  2. So basically, Eugene is perfect (as always), and the other three try guys look perfectly allright the way they do. Zach has a kind of soft face – but it's a good face! He looks like a truly lovely person, he has a great mischievous smile and IMHO there's no need to worry about anything. Ned is married to a gorgeous woman, who certainly knows what she does, his face is totally fine the way it is. I think his "after" pictures look the most artificial and kind of like an android? Not something I would want to wake up next to, too … standardized? Keith … the doctor was rude and insulting. He doesn't look like a frog at all. Yes, his face is a bit on the long side, but hello? He wears glasses anyway, which give an optical break and bring everything into balance. His after picture is also too smooth and standardized and lack personality.

    So in my completely irrelevant opinion the guys all look mighty fine and plastic surgeons should concentrate on fixing real problems (like cleft lips, reconstructions of any kind, etc). The recommendations were no good, we don't want all people to look alike, do we?

  3. When they were talking about what the "perfect male face" is, and naming all the Chris's and Hemsworths of the world…all I could think was "Eugene". Eugene's face is pretty damn perfect. Like if I woke up every day, and looked at Eugene's face in the mirror, I would be super insanely happy…like, I don't need to look like him, because his face is so different than mine I wouldn't know who I was, but if he could be in the bathroom next to me every morning getting ready, that would be perfect 🙂

  4. Zach: "once a professional tells me what he would change, i dont think i will be able to see myself the same again."

    few moments later….

    Professional: "uur face is weak"
    Zach: "fuck, dammit."

  5. ladies will be attracted to good looking guys at first but in the long run it will all boil down to personality… Zach might not be 'hot' but he's cute! And Ned? common' he looks like 'that other James Bond guy!'

  6. all their faces have something that makes them attractive, tbh. sure, some of ‘em might not have the strongest facial structure or the most proportionate of faces, but perfect people are kinda scary anyway.

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