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Sovereign Citizen Right To Travel Fail!, Part 1 (The Stop)

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  1. You would think that if this man (Sovereign Citizen) had had so many vehicles stolen from him in Mesa County, that he would not be operating anymore without the required "papers" in this County per the threat of having another taken from him by another Law Officer. Just say'n because that sounds like Nazi Germany to me. Not a safe place to travel!

  2. Asides from the guy who got himself 5yrs in the bing rather than getting probation this guy might take the cake for most ignorant and confused of the bunch

  3. Crazy as a rats ass
    unable to function
    in modern society
    lost the world where
    they'd be competent
    thousands of years
    before year 1 BC.

    Dumb as the day is long
    stupid and wrong
    why am I paying taxes
    for my servants to have
    to deal with these dumb dongs.

  4. “I’ve done nothin’ to break no laws.” And he sincerely believes himself to be something of a whiz. His cousin-girlfriend sounds just as dumb. It’s weird: blacks and hillbillies of standard IQ (65-70) and exceptionally high IQ (90) are able to follow the rules. But there is a “semi-literate” zone of around 80 IQ these SC’s inhabit. They’re just smart enough to find this nonsense on the internet and read it, but not smart enough to recognize it for the bullshit that it is.

  5. I know that police dragging a person out of their vehicle and beating them within an inch of their life IS WRONG. I understand this, I really do. But after watching videos like this…I'm not so sure that policy should always apply to every traffic stop! 😄😄😄😄😄

  6. Like that wannabe homeboy shitbag has ever paid taxes or had a job in his worthless life. These Cops are saints as I'd beat these asshole sovies to death if I were a cop.

  7. Sovereign wins here. The cop (like so many) is unclear how to handle this. He deals with this guys bullshit for 25 minutes waiting for a supervisor. Not only does it make the police look bad but all of us that follow the law look bad. This guy should have been extracted as soon as back up arrived.

  8. I love how these clowns demand that their rights be respected and their whims be catered to, but refuse to live up to the obligations that come with those rights. They want the privileges, but refuse to accept any responsibilities.

  9. I hate when white people say homie it sounds so weird. The driver of this vehicle is a Fucking moron. He has his own business, pays his taxes….. But lives in his car. Why does he think he is so important that police are following him around trying to steal everything he "owns". Narcissism at its finest. Guess what sunshine….. The rules apply to you to!

  10. Sovereign citizens freeman movement started as an anti-Semitic,white supremisist fringe group called Posse Comitatus in the '70s witch explains all the whight-trash nutjobs in the YouTube freeman fail videos!!

  11. Do you know the difference between private property, and a public roadway? “Ah, no”….and THAT ladies and gentlemen is a spectacular demonstration of his I.Q.

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